Views of Stockholm – How to see the capitals skyline

View of Stockholm skyline
Stockholm is a beautiful city and even if its skyline is not as famous as New Yorks, its still an interesting skyline with “Gröna Lund” and tall buildings surrounded by water. We took a scenic walk and stopped at four different places where we could get picture perfect Stockholm photos from above. We started our walk from Tantolunden but you can start wherever you want. Come with us…

View Stockholm from different look out points

There are loads of places where you can see Stockholm with a birds eye view. We visited four such places during a walk that was around eight kilometers. The reason we started in Tantolunden was that thats the place we were staying at so no other reason. You can pick and choose and see the sights in whatever order you wish. But at the same time, we do recommend this route because it was not to long walks between the different sights. And you don’t have to be fit to be able to walk to these places to see Stockholm in an areal view. You just have to be able to walk and be able to walk up some stairs and walk on uneven ground.
Stockholm to see


This is a great place where you are 53 meters above sea level and have a view over Kungsholmen. Some fantastic people have left couch cushions for your pleasure on a part of the rocks. This place is quite easy to reach. The only thing is that you need to climb up the mountain. However there is a “natural” path that shows you where to put your feet.
Views of Stockholm skyline

Views of Stockholm skyline
Views of Stockholm skyline


From Mariaberghet (Monteliusvägen) you will see a wonderful view of Mälaren and of Gamla Stan. Here you can walk around and the view is spectacular wherever you look. There is a special feeling walking around in the capital of Stockholm and seeing this beautiful costal town. And during the summer its truly amazing here.
Views of Stockholm skyline
Views of Stockholm skyline city hall

Per Anders Fogelströms Terass

This is a great walk with stunning view over Gröna Lund. Here you can also see the big ferries coming to the harbor, letting of tourists that are about to explore the city. While here you might also like to visit Fotografiska – a museum dedicated to pictures that is very famous attraction. If you are coming from Fotografiska, you need to be prepared to walk a lot of steps to get to the top. But once you are up its totally worth it! You are about 50 meters above sea level. Find a bench, sit down and enjoy the view.
Views of Stockholm skyline
View of Gröna lund skyline


Gondolen is a well known restaurant in Stockholm. You might want to eat here but you can come here to take stunning pictures of the view. Best of all here is that you don’t need to take lots of stairs. You can take the elevator to the restaurant and then continue some steps up to the top. Its safety first so there are bars and a fence to keep you safe. However you can still take great pictures with an areal view of Stockholm!
Views of Stockholm skyline from Gondolen
Views of Stockholm skyline from Gondolen

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  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Stockholm är en fin stad! 🙂 Vi hänger i Tallinn just nu som också är en fin stad. Igår grumlades det lite av snöblandat regn på tvären, men det ser bättre ut idag! Ha det fint! Kramar från oss


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