World’s longest zip line – The Monster at Toro Verde

World longest Zip line Puerto Rico
Welcome to Puerto Rico – the land with the world’s craziest zip line. You are out in the jungle and you fly faster than the birds. The feeling of that is hard to describe but we will try. And check out the video from our experience.

ToroVerde in Puerto Rico

ToroVerde is an Ecological Adventure Park where you can spend the day enjoying some of the most breathtaking views of Puerto Rico while experiencing adventure with family and friends. If you are someone who loves the thrill of an adrenaline rush, Toroverde is a must visit for you. Zip lines that go back and forth through the jungle.

World's longest Zip line Puerto Rico

There are several different to choose from and their newest addition to the park is the worlds longest zip line that is called The Monster. We believe that you can spend a whole day here, soaring through the treetops and going from zip line to zip line. But there is more in the theme park then zip lines. There is one route that is called “Bull Maze”. Here you have to manage ropes, suspension bridges, rope nets and monkey bars. And there is more… Obstacles distributed among the different levels and several difficulties.

Choosing what to do while visiting ToroVerde

First, you have to choose what you want to do while visiting the theme park. Mini and I have done loads of zip lines before so for us the challenge was to conquer The Monster. The attractions are quite expensive according to us so we decided to just head for the record holding zip line. And it costs 135 USD per person so that is a lot. However, if you want to experience something awesome, you’ll have to pay up and don’t think about it anymore.

World's longest Zip line Puerto Rico

I believe that they could have lowered the price if they would have skipped a lot of the stuff that they add on. In the price, they also give you a diploma that proves that you did the world’s longest zip line. And then you get a jacket and a patch with your number on it. They keep track of how many people have done the zip line before you. Ok so I get the diploma but I believe that the jacket is way too much. No need to give away jackets that are commercial like crazy and a marketing campaign for the company.

The Monster – World’s longest zip line

Certified by Guinness world records this zip line has a 2,5-kilometer cable. To be exact it is 2 530 meter (8 300 ft, 1,57 miles) long. This is equivalent to 28 football fields – yes 28 football fields! First, you do “the monster” and after that, you have to do another zip line to get back. However, the second zip line is a regular one where you are sitting up.

And it was quite scary – a lot due to the waiting. You are strapped into a harness with goggles and a helmet. After that, you just have to wait, and then wait some more. Once it’s your turn it is super cool! The ride goes incredibly fast and it’s a feeling that needs to be experienced. They tell you to keep your hands to your sides and that will make you go as fast as possible!

My ride went 35 miles per hour and Mini rode in 48 miles per hour. I had number 750 and Mini had the number 751. That means that there were 749 persons that were before us that survived “The Monster”.

World's longest Zip line Puerto Rico

Information about ToroVerde in Puerto Rico

Address: Bo. Gato, Road 155, Km. 33 Orocovis, Puerto Rico.


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