Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico

When paradise shows it face it is called Guajataca Tunnel and you are in Puerto Rico. It is a beach. It is a tunnel. Its truly paradise. Not for swimming but for strolling and feeling the love.

Guajataca Tunnel, Puerto Rico

The tunnel is connecting the town of Isabela and Quebradillas in Puerto Rico and you can see it from the road. It looks like a tunnel that goes into a mountain. Park your car and just enjoy paradise. To the right you have a small beach. On the left you have the tunnel. It does not get pitch black inside here but it is somewhat dark in here. When you come out on the other side you find paradise. Paradise for photographers and paradise for everyone.

Guajataca tunnel Puerto Rico

Take your time

Don’t come here in a hurry. Take your time and really soak in this beautiful place. After the tunnel there is a small grotto that you can climb into. We did not feel like daredevils so we skipped it. And another thing is that we saw some things inside the grotto. That made us wonder if someone is living permanently in this paradise. No more words needed – see for yourself!

A Path after the tunnel.

The Beach on the right side.



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