Aruba – Pirates in Aruba with Jolly Pirates!

Jun 4, 2012

You are never too old or too young to cruise with a real Pirate ship. Arrrrggg!!


What: A boat trip on a large sailboat in true pirate spirit.
Where: Aruba, Caribbean.
Opening hours: Daily tours are offered if the weather allows it.
Price: It depends on what you want to do and which reef you want to visit (see more on their website here)!
Suitable for: All who are interested to venture out to sea in the beautiful Caribbean!
How it works: The ship goes out with a sails and party atmosphere arises from the start. Party music and rom punch provides a successful combination of entertainment and quality of life!

We had a big swing on the boat! Happy days.

And this is how the pros do it 😉

Have a look at the snorkeling we did with them here


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