Aruba – Party bus!

Lets go Bananas it says in graffiti on one of the Aruba bus running tourists in Aruba!
It almost feels like a must to jump on any sightseeing just to get going with these buses.

The Aruba Bus

Music, great atmosphere and information about Aruba … all in one!
We went with two buses, one of them Where more informative and the other Where more party party. The best thing to do is to ask how much it costs and where it is heading.
Can you see Morris on the hod of the bus:)

One of the coolest bus doors made out of wood

Waiting for new adventures!
Aruba bus

Aruba busDefinitely an experience to ride around in some form of “hippie bus” 😉

The bus goes to the rock formations and California lighthouse.
Read more of that here: Rock Formations and California lighthouse
You can get more information of where and what on their website

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  1. Haha, vilka hÀftiga bussar! ;)


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