Love Aruba

Aug 4, 2016

Love Aruba. This is truly the country of magic and paradise – all packed into one! Here is one reason why we love this country so much!

We Love Aruba

Love Aruba

One tour that we went on while in Aruba was a snorkeling trip that involved some swinging aswell.
And when I say swinging I mean like a ropeswing that catapults me of the boat into the water. This is a “mandatory thing to do” when given the chance 🙂

Here are our results…

This is me…

A red beuty from a great garden.

This is Mini.

The pictures of the flowers that are in between the Gifs are taken at ST Lucias botanical gardens. They are just a bonus and a way for us to not have the Gifs all together!

The colour is almost like a watermelon 🙂

And you can also see how the pro does it!

This is a pro.

So cute flowers!

And how they take someone on their back and do a backflip 😉

A great deal of fun!




This is a pro with an amature on his back.






  1. Malin

    Härligt det ser ut!

  2. Sarah

    De e så härligt att bada 🙂


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