Camping in Malaga, Spain

Camping in Malaga, Spain
You might think that you have found yourself in the middle of a Swedish village during a great day of summer. However, you are in Spain – in Torremolinos close to Malaga. But wherever you turn you will hear the Swedish language. About 80 percent of the people that come here are Swedes and they stay for months and months. 

This is a family place

When you enter the small camping you see a small cottage. CASA GUNN is put on a sign outside. Gunn is a Swedish name. And when you drive your motorhome to find the perfect spot you pass motorhome after motorhome that is Swedish. After finding your spot (which is not that big) you open the door to connect to the electricity. You hear Swedish being spoken. After a while, there is a knock on your door. It’s Göran. He is here to invite you to a party that will be held in a couple of days.

You invite him in for a beer and end up spending an hour getting to know each other. The next day you are invited to them. You get a cup of coffee, a glass of wine (or two) and a wrench. Yes… a wrench is apparently a brand of cognac in Spain and not a tool! And the day after, there is the guy that is called “Våfflan” and the woman with a dog called Puzzle. You are part of a huge Swedish family – and it’s awesome!
Camping in Malaga

Camping in Malaga (Torremolinos), Spain

The camping in Torremolinos is not that big – but it has a big spirit! We paid 19 euro per night during low season (November) and they are connected to ACSI. In the price we got was with electricity included. They also have wi-fi but you need to pay extra for that and the reception is not good so don’t bother with that! If you want to stay for a longer period the rate for one month was 350 euro (November 2017).
The restrooms are nice and clean but they were often out of paper. The showers are good and there is hot water (a must for me). To wash your clothes you pay 3,50 euro for the washer. It was huge so Mini and I got all of our laundry done = perfect!
Camping in Malaga

Getting into Malaga from Torremolinos

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the train station that will take you to Malaga. The train ride takes about 20 minutes and you get off in the city center. It is very easy to get there and the camping is also located really close to the international airport in Malaga. That is one of the reasons why this place is so popular.
A lot of the people that stay at the camping come back each year and they have all become friends. They go out and eat together and just have a great time. You don’t have to go to Malaga to get the city vibes. Torremolinos is also a really nice city with an amazing beach walk that is never-ending. Just stroll out of the camping and walk down to the beach for an amazing day!
Camping in Malaga

Get to know the people on the camping

Each morning there was some sort of yoga or pilates going on. A group of people would meet up and do their morning training together. In the evening it was time for some sort of Boule that wasn’t Boule?! No idea because Mini and I never had a chance to join them. But all the people were welcome to join. There were no “invites only”, everyone was welcome.

I loved the spirit of the people at this camping. They even had plans for spending Christmas altogether. Göran was going to contribute with their “Jansons Frestelse”, a Swedish traditional dish for Christmas with potatoes and anchovy. So yes if you are a Swede and want to spend some time in Spain but you want to feel the comfort of home – go to Camping Torremolinos!
Camping in Malaga

Information about Camping Torremolinos

Address: Calle Loma del Paraiso, 2, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain.
The camping is connected to ASCI.
Camping in Malaga


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