Escape Room in Lanzarote

Last updated May 29, 2021

Escape room in LanzaroteEscape Room in Lanzarote. A place where you get locked in and then you have an hour to get out. Can you escape Lanzarote? We checked out the latest Escape Room that is newly opened in Costa Teguise. Read all about it and find out if we escaped!

What is an Escape room

Escape room has been popular for a couple of years now. However, there are still a lot of people that have not heard about this phenomenon. An escape room is a place where you come to bond with your family and friends. A place where you need to use your head and a place that is just plain awesome. We are not that experienced when it comes to escape rooms but we have visited a few by now.

You need to be at least two people to be able to escape and this is teamwork at its best. Different rooms for a different amount of people. You get all the instructions and then you are “locked” into the room with your party. You have one hour to escape and you all need to work together, solving riddles and puzzles and making your way through the room.
Escape room in Lanzarote

Escape Room in Lanzarote

At “Try to Escape Lanzarote” in Costa Teguise you are invited into a place loaded with pirates. They offer two different rooms. One is a pirate ship and the other one is a pirate village. The owners, Luis, Myrian and Alejandro have put their souls into this place and it shows. We got the honor of meeting Luis and Myrian during our visit. They told us that they came up with the idea by themselves and then they worked hard to make it happen.

When we visited in December (2018), they had only been open for two months and the room with the pirate ship had just been finished. They are passionate about their place and you can see how much work went into the rooms. When we sat down and talked, I noticed pamphlets for the other two companies of Escape rooms in Lanzarote. When I asked about having their competitors information they said that they are not competitors.

– Since you can only visit one room one time, we want to give our customers the opportunity to visit more rooms, said Luis.

And he is right! Once you have visited a room – you can not return because all the magic is gone! However, I loved the way they let other Escape rooms into their own Escape room.

Escape room in Lanzarote

Myrian and Luis two of the owners.

Try To Escape Lanzarote

First I must say that I love the name of the company – “Try To Escape Lanzarote” how awesome is that? We started out in the pirate ship and that was so much fun. We will not be giving away any spoilers but we still want to share our experience with you. This was so much fun! The pirate ship room is newly opened and you can still smell the “new” in the room. Mini and I got a rough start. The thing is that you have to work together. Usually, we are pretty good at that since that is literally our job. For some reason, we both went rogue here and did things on our own.

Here, you do get clues. In other rooms that we have visited, you get a walkie-talkie and then you have to ask for a clue. At Try To Escape Lanzarote, you don’t have a walkie-talkie. There is one from the staff (in our case Luis) that watches you through cameras. When he feels that you are stuck or that you are doing something completely wrong – he will talk to you through a microphone. It felt like he knew just the right moment to give the clue and to point us in the right direction.

The Pirate Ship Escape Room

Ok, let’s be honest here – we were really struggling. I believe that our main problem was that we were not checking everything out together and trying to systematically move from clue to clue. We were more like dizzy hens, running around and touching everything. I would say that we were just to excited!

Once we got our act together, we finally got through. It did not take us an hour – it took us more than that. Luis said that when they are not booked, they don’t throw you out after an hour, they let you finish the room and that is a great thing! Without the clues, we would still be stuck in the pirate ship – that’s for sure!
Escape room in Lanzarote

The Pirate village Escape Room

We thought that after the first room we would need a day (or two) to rest our brains. But at the same time, we enjoyed ourselves way to much so we didn’t want the fun to stop. After a glass of water, we were ready to step into the Pirate Village. Here we were off to a flying start. The thing is that we worked together as a team. We communicated way better and that is the key to success (there is so much to learn here 😜).

The pirate village is perfect for a bigger party since it is bigger and with more clues that need to be solved. In the end, we lost it a bit and we were out 15 minutes to late but with an awesome sense of victory. Escape rooms are so much fun! And they are fun for everyone. I would say that there is no age limit. As long as you can understand either English or Spanish, you are good to go!
Escape room in Lanzarote

Pirate themed escape rooms in Lanzarote

We really recommend this place for everyone that is visiting Lanzarote. Bring your family or friends and visit them for an hour or two. And thank you “Try To Escape Lanzarote” for giving us an unforgettable memory. We hope that we gave you a few laughs when you saw us missing some of the important clues.

And after you visit them and you still want to escape, no worries – there are two more places on the island that have escape rooms.
Escape room in Lanzarote

Information about Try to Escape Lanzarote

Address: Avenida del Mar 6 Local 11 Hotel Occidental Lanzarote Playa, 35508 Costa Teguise.
Number of rooms: 2 pirate themed.
Amount of players: 2 – 5.
Phone number for reservations: +34 635 405 877.

Information about Island Quest Escape rooms

Address: Local 46, Planta 2 Centro Comercial El Pueblo, C/Buganvillas 35580 Playa Blanca.
Number of rooms: 2.
Amount of players: 2 – 6.
Phone number for reservations: +34 609 857 801.

Information about Escape Room Lanzarote

Address: C/Juan Brito 3, 35 500 Arrecife.
Number of rooms: 3.
Amount of players: 2 – 6.
Phone number for reservations: +34 669 977 957.


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