Glamping in Dalarna – Swedish silence at it’s best

Glamping in Dalarna - SwedenGlamping in Dalarna is the new black. In fact, glamping has never been as big as it is now. We had the most incredible experience in Dalarna at Camilla Linnér’s place. It’s such high-end glamping that we both were blown away. The company Swedish Silence is brand new and we are sure that it will be a success! Join us on our adventure when we went glamping in Dalarna.

Glamping in Dalarna

Hidden on a nice field in the forest in Enviken, Dalarna is a tent. But not a tent where you need to go down on all four and crawl inside. No, this is a different type of tent – a tent for glamping. A tent where you can walk in upright and a tent with a real bed. This is the place to be when you want to get away from the real world and become one with nature. We get the exact position on email.

It feels somewhat like a treasure hunt. We park our motorhome and follow the instructions. There are two ways to reach the tent. One way is the shorter one and that’s the one we choose since we have pretty much stuff with us. There’s another option that takes you for a long walk before you reach the tent and your adventure of glamping in Dalarna begins. And we can promise you that this is a great adventure.
Glamping in Dalarna - Sweden

Swedish Silence promises tranquility

The whole point of going glamping is to “get away from it all”. Camilla says it in the best of ways. Instead of playing with your cellphone, you enjoy the nature and the views. Instead of falling asleep to the sound of the refrigerator or other machinery that you have in your house, you fall asleep to the sound of nature. Camping often includes lying on the ground, being somewhat uncomfortable. That’s not the case when you go glamping.

In this tent, you sleep in comfortable beds and with the cutest bedding ever. This is a place where you shouldn’t set an alarm clock. Just let yourself wake up to the sounds of nature. Maybe it will be the rain hitting the canvas, or maybe it will be the sounds of some chirping birds. It’s the perfect place to find tranquility and get some calmness to your heart and mind. I can imagine that this would also make the perfect place for a yoga retreat (for two people).
Glamping in Dalarna - Sweden

A warm welcome

When we arrive at the tent, we both stop for a while to take it all in. This place is magical. It’s a big open field and yet it’s cuddled next to a forest. At one end of the field, there’s a single tent. This will be our home for the next night. We take our time, enjoying everything as we walk to the tent. After walking inside the tent, we see a basket and a welcome card. This is super personal and the card also takes us out for another treasure hunt.

This time we walk a bit from the tent to an underground refrigerator. No, it’s not a real refrigerator but it’s a place where the things keep cold for a longer period. Our treasure is a bottle of “God Dryck” – a nonalcoholic beverage with bubbles and all. This, we enjoy with the coffee and the cinnamon buns that are in the basket. This is the perfect way to start our stay and our glamping in Dalarna.
A warm welcome at the glamping in Dalarna - SwedenTreasure hunt while glamping in in Dalarna Sweden

God Dryck – for humanity

I love the way the bottle with “God Dryck” looks. The name translates into “good drink” and that’s the truth because the drink is really good. All the profits from the drink go to charity and that’s important, not only to us but to Camilla as well. Sure, one bottle is pretty expensive for her to give to her guests but she thinks it’s worth it since it goes to a good cause. Both Mini and I are impressed.

Since 2015, when the company started – they have collected 1 813 915 kronor and that’s a lot of money. Camilla is the one that introduces us to this brand but since then, we have continued to support them. Their drink is perfect as a giveaway and we both love the fact that it’s like champagne but without the alcohol.
A warm welcome at the glamping in Dalarna - Sweden

The tent

There’s room for several tents. I believe that you could place at least 15 or 20 different tents here. But Camilla has the perfect business idea. She wants people to be alone in, and with, nature. If she would’ve placed several tents, it would not be the same. The whole glamping in Dalarna is so much high-end due to the fact that there’s only one tent here. And don’t get me started on the tent – it’s so luxurious and yet simple, all in one.

The beds are super comfortable. These are beds that you find in hotels so sleeping is super comfortable. Inside the tent, there are also other things to make the stay as good as possible. Since there’s no electricity, there are power banks so that you can charge your cellphone (if you need to use it). You do have cellphone reception at all times so no worries there.
The tent at the glamping in Dalarna - SwedenThe tent at the glamping in Dalarna - Sweden

Other things that you have in the tent

Bug spray, games, and things that will make your stay as good and memorable as possible. We stay inside for quite some time, just looking around and exploring the tent. Camilla has really thought about everything. There are even Dala horses placed as ornaments inside the tent. People often say that it’s all in the details and this place proves it right. We love how we are in the middle of nowhere and yet, we have everything we need.

We have great plans and we plan that we will spend our evening playing one of the games. However, we have too many other things to do and explore so in the end we don’t play any games. It’s a nice thing though, to know that we have the option to play or do whatever we want while glamping in Dalarna.
Things from the tentThings from the tentThings from the tent

The facilities

No, there are no showers here. But that’s kind of the point, to get close to nature and to get away from all the modern things that we are used to in our daily life. We have received the information that there’s an outhouse. Ok, I’m not too happy about that in the beginning. I believe that it’s my own bias and my previous experiences with outhouses that gives me that notion. Boy, am I wrong!

This is in fact an outhouse about 30 meters from the tent. However, it’s the freshest outhouse we have ever seen. I don’t know how to best explain it but I will do my best. Inside the toilet, there’s some sort of plastic (biodegradable). You sit down on the toilet and do your business. After that, you just pump the “flushing” button with your foot. The plastic bag disappears and, the toilet is like new! No smell, no nothing! In fact even more fresh than our “regular” toilets.
The facilities

The dinner at glamping in Dalarna

Included in the price, you get both dinner and breakfast during your visit to Swedish Silence. Dinner is supposed to be “Kolbullar” which translates to coal buns. It’s known as being the national dish of Dalarna and Camilla usually comes out and helps out with the dinner. The dinner is made outside of the tent, by the fireplace. However, during our visit, there was a fire ban so there was no possibility to eat Kolbullar.

At first, I was pretty sad about the fact that we would not be tasting the national dish. But I quickly got over it when Camilla came with the most lavish dinner ever! Coldcut’s with the most amazing of sauces and a potato salad to die for. Luxury on a high level. Camilla was so kind so she shared her recipe of Kolbullar so that we can make it ourselves some time. And it was fine to share it with you guys so here we go…
The dinner at glamping in DalarnaThe dinner at glamping in Dalarna

Kolbullar – Dalarnas national dish

Kolbulle (coal bun) is not a bun but more like a pancake. It was simple food for the workers during the old days. It’s easy to make and was often made over an open fire. It was a great dish for the workers at falu gruva to eat to regain energy. There are several different recipes for Kolbullar and here is Camillas take on them. The recipe is for four Kolbullar and it’s easy to make.

Recipe Kolbullar ala Swedish silence


  • 6 deciliters of water, preferably from a stream.
  • 3 deciliters of flour.
  • 1 deciliter of country bread flour (you can buy it in most stores).
  • 400 – 500 grams of salted pork (chopped).
  • Butter for the baking of the Kolbullar.

This is how you do it:

  1. Whisk the water with the flour.
  2. Leave it for at least 20 minutes so that the dough expands.
  3. Put a piece of butter inside a frying pan and fry the pork until it’s well done.
  4. Add the amount of dough you want. Don’t forget to take some of the pork out since you want to make 4 separate Kolbullar.
  5. Fry it until it gets color. It’s even good if it gets a bit burned. Sometimes it might fall apart too but don’t worry, it tastes just as good!
  6. Enjoy it preferably in nature!

Suposted to grill Kolbullar - Dalarnas national dish

Learning more about Allemansratten

“Right of public access” or “freedom to roam” is a huge thing in Sweden and we call it Allemansrätten. It means that you have access to places and you are allowed to walk in nature (even if it is privately owned). Camilla teaches more about allemansrätten during the time when she’s making dinner. Even Swedes don’t really know the rules and regulations of this so it’s very helpful.

And since Camilla also welcomes international guests, this is interesting information to get. And this is not Camilla, making things up and telling tails. No, she has actually studied the rights law and knows what she’s talking about. It makes for a great conversation by the fire while waiting for the dinner to become ready. Since it was forbidden to make a fire during our visit, we ended up talking a bit by the tent instead and we can reassure you that it’s truly interesting.
Our experience of Glamping in Dalarna

Hiking or fishing in the area

Camilla lets us know that there are wolves in the area. No need to get worried – they don’t get close. However, if you’re lucky, you might hear them howl. And that’s exactly what we hear when we go to bed. It only lasts for a couple of seconds. After that, some dogs start to bark and they drown the wolf’s sounds. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we go to bed, we take a walk to the lake and enjoy the nature we are surrounded by.

While glamping in Dalarna, you also have the opportunity to go fishing. Most people bring their own gear but if you want, you can ask to loan a fishing pole from Camilla. Just remember to buy a fishing permit at the store in town. The walk down to the lake is really in nature. There’s a marked path but at times it’s partly overgrown. It’s a nice hike to make before it’s time for bed.
Hiking or fishing in the area

Breakfast while Glamping in Dalarna

Waking up the next morning we are rested and ready to take on the new day. Camilla has asked us about breakfast the day before and now the clock is approaching 08.00. We are sitting inside the tent when we suddenly hear a sound. At first, we are not sure what we are hearing but soon we know. It’s Camilla and she’s singing in a way that’s called “kulning”. It sounds somewhat like yoik but is completely different.

Kuling was the way the women called the cows when it was time to collect them. After enjoying several minutes of this amazing “calling song”, Camilla comes with the best breakfast ever. It’s like a five-star hotel breakfast only better. Better because we are eating alone and with nature as our friend. There is so much food and everything tastes great. After breakfast, we are ready to continue our journey through Dalarna. We leave a bit earlier but normally you have almost 24 hours at your disposal while glamping in Dalarna.
Breakfast while Glamping in DalarnaBreakfast while Glamping in DalarnaBreakfast while Glamping in Dalarna

Our experience of Glamping in Dalarna

If, for some reason, the article above isn’t clear on how great and awesome this experience was – we are pointing that out again. We had an amazing time while glamping in Dalarna and Camilla is an incredible person. Her energy can’t but make you happy and upbeat. All of it was nicely arranged and just plain awesome. Sure, the walk to the lake and all of that was nice but the best part is by far the tent.

This is a super-luxurious experience that we can recommend to everyone and anyone. This is the best place to do a digital detox. Even if we brought our computers, we ended up leaving them in the bags. We just enjoyed the quiet and peace. This glamping was brand new (summer 2020) but we are sure that it has the brightest future. We have already told lots of people about this place!
Our experience of Glamping in DalarnaOur experience of Glamping in Dalarna

Other things to do in the area

If you want to stick around in the area, there are lots of things to do around the place of the glamping and surrounding cities. Just ask Camilla for places to visit and she will provide you with lots of things to do and to see. Here are some tips for what you can do after or during your stay at the glamping. Camilla is really good at pointing out places and it lies warm to her heart to spread the word about the region.

  • Enviken church – built 1669 by the people living in the village. There’s no electricity or heating inside except for the fire stove that’s inside the church.
  • “Hans och Greta” – Two camels that live on a farm, not far from the church. Camels are not a common sighting in Sweden so this is special.
  • “Tolvmilaskogen” – When Gustav Vasa was running from the Danes (that wanted to capture him) he ran into this forest. To save him, the Swedes said that there was no point in searching for him in the forest – that it was too big. In fact, it’s only several hundred meters.
  • Jonssons fik och butik – A café and small shop where you can get some baked goods and flowers. It’s themed with the ’50s and is a well-known place in the area.

There are more cool places to spend the night out in nature in Dalarna.  Supermoon and it is located at Näsets Markusgård and Sleep in a bubble just outside Leksand.

Information about Glamping in Dalarna

Address: Enviken. You will get the exact place when you make the reservation.
Price: 1 adult – 2 990 kronor (about 300 euros). 2 adults – 3 450 kronor (about 350 euros). 2 adults and 2 children – 6 350 kronor (about 600 euros). If you think that the price is steep – think of all the things that are included in the price. You don’t only get experience in a super modern tent – you also get breakfast and dinner and the Swedish “fika” (coffee and cookies).
Make your reservations at Swedishsilence.

Information about Glamping in Dalarna

Camilla Linnér the owner of the Glamping in Dalarna.


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    Älskar ert klockrena koncept! Jag kommer nästa sommar

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    Just teach the wolves to eat mosquitos and we come to visit Glamping in Dalarna 2021.

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      Thank you for your kind words! The Glamping in Dalarna was a really amazing experience!

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