Nasets Marcusgard – spend the night in a supermoon

Nasets Marcusgard - sleep in a supermoonNasets Marcusgard (Näsets Marcusgård) in Swedish is definitely a special place. Not only will you enjoy a relaxed night up in the trees but here you will also make friends with the owners of this place. We got to spend an amazing night in their supermoon and we loved everything about it. Hear everything from our visit to Nasets Marcusgard.

Nasets Marcusgard is a magical place

Mireille and Willem bought this place in 2014. They wanted to be close to nature and to leave their lives in tranquility. Coming here is somewhat like coming home. Or visiting dear friends that you want to hang out with. Because that’s the vibe here – hanging out with friends and having space for yourself, all at the same time. Located in Furudal, Dalarna, you will find quiet time for yourself and your loved ones.

This is a special place, so special that we might even refer to it as magical. We love finding odd places to visit and quirky places to stay. This place is definitely high up there on our list of odd places. We got to spend a night in the Supermoon and we had such a great time. You want to come here – meet the owners and just relax and enjoy yourself.
Nasets Marcusgard - sleep in a supermoonNasets Marcusgard - Spend the night in a supermoon

Different kind of rooms

Even if we came here to check out, and spend a night in the “Supermoon”, we also wanted to see this whole place. And we were honored to get a tour of this place and check all the rooms out. If the whole family is traveling, you can stay at Höladan (the Haybarn). It has room for six people divided into three separate bedrooms. What’s awesome is their retro room! They have partnered with a local shop and the interior takes you back to the ’70s and before.

If you are traveling with a group of friends you might stay in Fähuset (the cattle shed). All these places are nicely decorated and super fresh. Don’t be fooled (like we were) and just head for the oddest rooms – they are all really great and fun to stay in. And they have the coolest bunk beds we have ever seen! If we ever settle down and want to have bunk beds – these are the ones we will be getting!
Different kind of rooms
Bunk beds

The Supermoon

So then we have the Supermoon! The highlight of our visit and our home for the night! It’s a big red ball that is three meters up in the trees. The Supermoon has room for two adults and a child but we recommend that you book this for just the two adults and leave the children with a babysitter 😝. This is a unique opportunity to have some time in nature to yourselves! Inside the room, you will find everything you need and then some.

There are even homemade conversation-cards that spark your interest. If you are lucky, you will see a moose walk by – and best of all… you feel safe at all times. There is no bathroom inside the Supermoon. However, there are showers and toilets within a short walking distance. Check-in and just spend your night and day in this one-of-a-kind place! We had the best time ever!
Nasets Marcusgard - Spend the night in a supermoonNasets Marcusgard - Spend the night in a supermoonNasets Marcusgard - Spend the night in a supermoon

Oddis Oga – Oddis Eye

If you are older (and don’t want to climb ladders) you have the option to stay in another super special place! Oddis Öga (Oddis eye). It looks something like a cross between a spaceship and parts of an airplane. Located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by pine trees and the sounds of nature – you will have a great night here. When we stayed in the Supermoon, there was a danish couple that spent the night in Oddis eye and they were more than happy with their stay.

We got to peek into their room and it looked really awesome! It’s quirky and odd and just plain awesome! Since there is no restroom inside here either, but you can easily walk to both showers and restrooms. We fell in love with Oddis Eye and the atmosphere that this place gives out to the universe!
Nasets Marcusgard - Oddis Oga - Oddis EyeNasets Marcusgard - Oddis Oga - Oddis Eye

Sustainable thinking at Nasets Marcusgard

After the first glance, you will quickly see that the whole concept of Nasets Marcusgard is focused around, and based on sustainability. Mireille and Willem put a lot of effort into the whole area and not just their own place. In the room, you can find loads of information about the region and other things that you can do while being here. Just the fact that they cooperate with other local businesses is great!

They are keen on promoting other places closeby and you can hear it in their voices that they do it with pride. And everything here is about sustainability and keeping the earth clean – without making too much of a mark on our planet. If you want, you can learn all about nature and wildlife here. Inside the Supermoon, we had information to last us for weeks. Even fun things for smaller children, like games that will teach you new things.
Sustainable thinking at Nasets Marcusgard

The breakfast at Nasets Marcusgard

And yet again, you can see the sustainability and the eco-tourism shine through. Breakfast is included and it was the perfect breakfast. Everything is served in glass jars and no plastic as far as the eyes can see. The food is fresh and made with love. Imagine a hotel breakfast but one that only has the best of the best.

We got yogurt and fresh buns and tasty butter and everything in between. At Nasets Marcusgard, they say that “simple” breakfast is included. According to us, that’s an understatement. The breakfast is luxurious and oh so good! We had our breakfast outdoors since we visited during the summer. In the winter, they move it inside so you don’t have to sit outside and get cold.
The breakfast at Nasets MarcusgardThe breakfast at Nasets MarcusgardThe breakfast at Nasets Marcusgard

Things to do during your stay at Nasets Marcusgard

There are lots of things to do in, and around the area of Furudal. At Nasets Marcusgard, they also arrange different excursions. One of them is a walk to the local bakery and enjoy a Swedish Fika with coffee and cake. Learn more about the history of the bakery and old traditions.

Another excursion is to visit a Husky farm where you can go dog sleighing during winter. If you want Nasets Marcusgard, also arrange a class where you learn to make crispbread. These are just some of the different excursions that you can do while staying here. However, there’s no need to feel that you have to have things to do. To just stay at the farm, enjoying life and your room is more than enough!

Our stay at Nasets Marcusgard

We had an amazing time here! We brought our computers and had great plans for getting some work done. However, we ended up just hanging out, talking, and enjoying the surroundings. We shared a bottle of wine and got to know the owners better. We were planning on taking a longer hike but we had such a great time here that we never got around to exploring more.

When face timing with our family and friends, they all wanted to know more about this place. My sister is already planning a getaway for the summer with a stay here. Even though they offer some amazing excursions, you can be completely satisfied with spending your time in this place. We have been to some pretty awesome and special hotels before and this is definitely high up on our list!

Thank you Mireille and Willem for hosting us at your beautiful place!

Nasets Marcusgard - Spend the night in a supermoon

Information about Nasets Marcusgard

Address: Näset Timmervägen 28, Furudal.
Price: About 250 euros for one night in the supermoon (2021).
Website of Nasets Marcusgard.

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