Hedemora – Dalarnas only medieval town

Hedemora - Dalarnas only medieval townHedemora is known for being Dalarnas only medieval town with official rights (whatever that means). The only thing from that period that’s still standing today is the church. Hedemora has some special things that are well worth a visit. Make sure to stop by and explore the different sights and activities, like hiking Stadsberget and have lunch at Café Wahlman – a different place.

Hedemora has a lovely city center

Parking in Hedemora is free of charge and we had no problem finding a parking spot for our motorhome in the city center. However, if you arrive with a bigger car – you might have to drive around to find the perfect spot. We spent a couple of hours in Hedemora and we really liked the picturesque old city. Even if there aren’t too many sights and activities, there are still things that you want to see and places to explore.

Taking a walk inside the old city center is almost mandatory so we went for a walk. If you want, you can get more information about the buildings when scanning a QR-code (note that it’s only information in Swedish right now). We decided to just stroll around and visit some of the highlights. But first, we headed off to get some well-deserved lunch at Café Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror.

Cafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in Hedemora

Today this building hosts a cafe and a store that sells building materials. However, this building used to be a pharmacy and the house for the pharmacy family. The house was built in 1779 and started as a pharmacy in the middle of the 1850s. It stayed as a pharmacy until 1988 and today it’s transformed into 400 m2 that houses a cafe and a store. We are always skeptical when they mix several different things in one building. I believe that it has to do with a trip that we did in Poland. We stopped at a gas station and from the outside, it looked like a regular gas station.

They weren’t only selling gas and some small groceries (like normal gas stations do). They were also selling sofas, lamps and other kinds of furniture. Are there really people that go shopping for furniture at a gas station? That kind of stuck with us and ever since then, we get skeptical when we see places that do several things all in one. To Cafe Wahlmans and Klassiska Byggvarors defense – even if the building is hosting both of the businesses, they are separated in a good way.
Cafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in HedemoraCafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in Hedemora

Having lunch at Cafe Wahlman

Mini and I ended up having lunch here and we are really glad that we did. The Cafe has all of its old glory still intact. This is a big place and each room has its own charm. There are also seats outside (on both sides of the cafe) so it can hold a lot of people and still allows for privacy. The price is fair and the quality of the food is good. We ended up ordering a baked potato with chicken curry and a pie with pear and chevre cheese. The pie was immaculate and even if we were supposed to share, I ended up keeping it myself and Mini ate the baked potato.

They also serve salad and then, of course – they have cakes. We stuck with the food and had a coffee and sparkling water.  What makes them special is that they try to have everything in their kitchen that is locally produced. That makes them part of “Taste of Dalarna”. Taste of Dalarna is a way to highlight the restaurants, stores, and cafes that are taking advantage of the local landscape and serve good food with their heart.
Cafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in Hedemora
Cafe Wahlmans Food

Visiting Klassiska Byggvaror

Maybe it’s the old building and the old interior in the cafe that makes the store inside the cafe work well. Old building materials and small design things are sold here. I believe that most of the stuff that’s sold is brand new but it looks vintage. There might also be some real antiques – not sure about that. However, everything inside the store seems just right. I fell in love with their vintage colors. I would love to paint my future bedroom in their vintage light green color. The only downside is that the paint is expensive.

I don’t think that it’s meant for painting a whole wall. But I have written it down so that when the day comes, we’re ready. The store is housed inside what used to be the old pharmacy. The cafe used to be the house for the family that had the pharmacy. If you like vintage – this is the perfect store for you!
Cafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in Hedemora
Cafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in HedemoraCafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in HedemoraCafe Wahlmans / Klassiska Byggvaror in Hedemora

Information about Cafe Wahlman / Klassiska Byggvaror

Address: Stora Torget, Hedemora.
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 17.00. Saturday: 10.00 – 15.00. Sunday: 12.00 – 15.00.
Website for the Cafe Wahlman.

The old Theatre barn in Hedemora

Close to the Cafe, there’s a red building (a lot of the buildings in Hedemora are red by the way). It’s easy to just walk past the building but the fact is that it’s a special house. It was built in 1820 and it was used as a storage unit with a theatre in the attic. Theatres were performed here until 1888 when the salvation army took over the building. It stayed theirs for about 20 years.

In 1946 the theatre was reinstated – this was in celebration of Hedemora turning 500 years as a city. Today, you can go guided tours of the barn and you can also see performances there sometimes. When we visited, it was closed so we only got to admire it from the outside. The building is well worth a visit and it is protected by the government due to its historical value.
The old Theatre barn in Hedemora

Hedemora Church

This is the only building that is still standing since the medieval days. It was build sometimes between 1200 or early 1300s. The first time it’s mentioned in writing is in 1362. It’s a “typical Swedish church”. By that, I mean that it’s nice in its simplicity. Swedish churches are seldom lavishing but at the same time they are still impressive. When you enter, there’s a really old and well-preserved door on the right side.

If you are visiting with children, there’s a game available for them inside the church. In fact, it’s a sheet of paper with photographs, and the children can walk around inside the church and find the things photographed in real life. A great way to get the kids interested in history. As I said, it’s pretty simple but make sure to check it out while visiting Hedemora.
Hedemora Church

Hedemora Gammelgard – where history is present

This might be one of the oldest folk museums in the country. Located right by Hönsan lake it’s a picturesque place that is opened during summertime. Walk around the old buildings and feel the history come to life. Different buildings tell different stories and you can learn more about the houses by reading the signs. If you want more information, there are QR-codes that you can scan and get even more information (in Swedish).

Hedemora Gammelgård also allows you to visit and have a look around inside the buildings. It feels special to enter an old house and see old furniture – it kind of takes you back. During the summer there is also a cafe where you can get some coffee, ice cream, and other treats.
Hedemora Gammelgard
Hedemora Gammelgard
Hedemora Gammelgard

Stadsberget – A nice walk in the forest

Being 1,4 kilometers in length and 500 meters wide, this is not a big place where you will spend hours upon hours hiking. But it makes up for a really nice walk and it takes you straight into the forest even if you are still close to the city center of Hedemora. It’s an easy walk and a relaxing walk that allows you to get close to nature. We spent about an hour here, just walking around, enjoying nature.

If you are looking for hiking, there are better paths and tracks in Dalarna that are better suited for you. However, if you have time – check out Stadsberget too. At least there are no worries about getting lost here. The forest is not big enough for that and the hiking trails are well marked.

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Stadsberget - A nice walk in the forest
Disclaimer: Our visit to Hedemora was part of a press trip that was arranged by Visit Dalarna. All the thoughts and opinions are our own!

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    Så kul att ni tassar omkring i våra gamla hemtrakter Och kul att läsa om Hedemora, där jag jobbade några år

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      Det är så himla fint i Dalarna!


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