Hydropolis – Learn All About The Important Drink

Last updated May 24, 2021

Hydropolis Wroclaw, Poland
Water. The most important drink in the world. The source of all life. At Hydropolis in Wroclaw you will learn all about this magical drops. Super modern and informative. Best of all? The chairs where you can lie down and enjoy the sounds of the water and the rainforest. 

Hydropolis in Wroclaw

This place is dedicated to water and is a quite newly opened museum in Wroclaw and we got to check this place out. Here you will learn loads about water and you get to push buttons and interact with the exhibition. At one place you are pushing rolls that make the sound of rain and thunderstorms. Mini becomes a child all over when he can be involved in the exhibition.

70 percent of the world is covered in water and here you can find some of it. My absolutely favorit part is a place where they have lighted seats that you can lay in. On one side of the room you can hear the pouring water as you lay down and relax. On the other side you can see a replica of the Amazon. Here you can hear the sounds of the rainforest while relaxing. Hear the sound of frogs and crickets in a very realistic way. Close your eyes and just enjoy the tranquility. This place is the most noteworthy according yo us!
Hydropolis planets Wroclaw, Poland

Water makes you calm and tranquil

Walk inside a dome and watch a movie about what is beneath the surface. Learn more about how we can save the oceans and what needs to be done. This museum is perfect for both adults and children. In another room the ceiling is covered with white tuna sculptures and a shark. I got all memorized by looking at it. It is so modern and clean here. And you can spend quite some tome here – especially if you enjoy the relaxing part of the exhibition.

Use all your senses while here for the best experience!
Did you know that National Geographic had a competition about the seven wonders of Poland and that Hydropolis got the second place after Piotrkowska Complex in Łódź.
Hydropolis planets Wroclaw, Poland

About Hydropolis

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 18.00. Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00.
Price: 27 polish zloty per person (2017).
Address: Ul. Na Grobli 19-21, Wroclaw.
Website: http://hydropolis.pl/?lang=en
Hydropolis planets Wroclaw, Poland


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