KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg

Knaus Campingpark Hamburg
KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg is located outside of the city and is a great camping where you can stay during your visit to Germanys second-largest city in Germany. Staying at the KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg, you get to stay outside of the city. But there are good connections with bus and trains that will take you to Hamburg. 

KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg

While reading the reviews of the camping, our expectations were not on top. The camping is said to be noisy (since there’s a highway close by) and that it is to far from Hamburg. However, we got there early and were welcomed immediately. Yes, they do have check-in times and we thought that we would have to wait until check-in. No need for that – we were able to check-in straight away and the staff was very friendly.

The pitch we got was really big and it felt private and spacious. We got lucky because we got a spot next to all the facilities so it was a short walk to go to the restrooms and showers. All of the facilities are nice and clean. For me, that is a huge plus when there is someone keeping everything neat and clean.
Knaus campingpark Hamburg
Knaus Camping
Knaus Camping Hamburg

Great showers at the campsite

One of the main things I look for when visiting a camping, is the quality of the showers. Are they fresh? Do they have hot water (I need super hot water to be happy)? Are they easy to use? Some places have a button that you push and then you have about ten seconds to shower before you need to push the button again. At the KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg, the showers are nice and clean and the water is hot (if that’s what you want).

You have your own space while taking a shower so that is a huge plus. Sure, the water is splashing a bit but you can’t have it all. And this is ranked four-star camping and according to me, that is a good estimate.
Knaus Campingpark showers

A good camping outside of Hamburg

There is also a store in the camping area if you want to stock up your fridge. And for the Swedish people that come there, there is an IKEA within walking distance. Well, you don’t need to be Swedish to go to IKEA – the point I want to make is that there is a possibility to eat cheap dinners about five minutes from the camping.

For people with children, there is also a room with some board games, tv and books. A nice hangout place and a good option to sitting inside the motorhome or camper all the time. And like most campings, there is a place where you can wash your clothes for a fee of four euros per machine.
Washing facilities

Getting to town from the KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg

It takes about 80 to 90 minutes to go from the camping to the city center of Hamburg. Yes, that is quite a long time but at the same time, it is super easy to get there. There are two separate bus stops to choose from. One is just outside of IKEA and the other one is also a short walk away. You either go by bus number 284 (IKEA) or bus 191.  The easiest way is to check in google maps. This app is worth gold to us and we use it all the time. Just punch in where you want to go and the app will show you all the different alternatives that you have.

After taking the bus, you switch to a train and that one will take you straight to Hamburg. A good thing is to buy a public transportation card that allows you to commute all over for a fixed fee instead of buying a ticket each time.

We liked this place but it is on the expensive side. If this would have been closer to Hamburg, we would have understood the pricing better but since you are outside of the city center by 80 minutes, they should lower their rates a bit!
Train Hamburg

Information about KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg

Price per night: Motorhome: 20,70 €. Per adult: 8,90 €.
Address: Wunderbrunnen 2, 22457 Hamburg, Germany.
Phone number: +49 40 5594225.
Website: (German).
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