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Museum in Aarhus Denmark

Kvindemuseet a museum that is dedicated to women – is that good? In all honesty, it was great! I am not into fashion and a lot of the museum is dedicated to clothes. But the clothes are all carrying a message.

Kvindemuseet in Aarhus

I like museums – Mini not so much. But I often get him to tag along when we travel and I want my part of culture and museums. This time it was time for us to visit one of the only museums that are dedicated to women. The point of the museum is to create a dialog about the different sexes within the society.
At first glance, I thought it would be a lot about the clothes because there was a whole room with mannequins showing different clothes for women over time. Oh well, this will not be as good as I thought. I was wrong!

Clothes with a message

The clothes at Kvindemuseet in Aarhus were all there to make you think. And it worked! Once I started to really look at the outfits I fell in love with most of them. For example, there was a mannequin wearing a veil, covering her face. On the veil it says (but in danish) “My freedom, my choice”. Another one was a dress that had plastic pockets. In the pocket there were pills. Another one had “HYSTERICAL” written over it. It was more than awesome. And keep in mind that I am not into fashion at all.
Museum Denmark Min frihed mit valg

A lot to see at the Kvindemuseet

It was really informative and also fun walking around in the museum. A box was set up for you to take a photograph of your “flower”. In that case, you should walk into a booth, drop your pants and sit down on a seat. Underneath the seat, there was a camera mounted that is taking the picture. Now, whether this worked or was just for show, I can not answer because I did not try it out! Walking around we also got to see different wedding dresses, kitchen stuff, and collections that are often perceived as a “women job”. And I took my time, walking around and reading the signs.
Women museum Denmark

Did you know that Kuwait did not allow women to vote until 2005?! That is terrible that it took them that long! The first country to give women the right to vote was New Zealand and that was in 1893. Australia was second out and let women vote in 1902 but that was only white women that could vote then. Like I said – a lot of interesting stuff at the museum.
Kvindemuseet in Aarhus, Denmark

What do you think?

Ok, so I must ask you what you think of this movie that we saw at the museum. There is a woman holding a baby and there is a lot of babies crawling around her legs. For me – I felt trapped while watching it. I felt like I would not want to be in her place. Another woman I asked saw a mother with trouble deciding, not knowing which one to pick up. We figured out that it might be that different people react differently because of their situation in life?! We don’t have children – we feel like children do not fit into our lives, might that be why I reacted as I did?! I have no idea, but I get uncomfortable every time I watch it!

Information about Kvindemuseet

Price: 65:-DDK per person.
Opening hours: Closed on Mondays. 10.00 – 20.00 on Wednesday, 10.00 – 16.00 on Sundays, and 10.00 – 17.00 on the rest of the days.
Address: Kvindemuseet i Danmark, Domkirkepladsen 5, DK – 8000 Aarhus C
Website: www.kvindemuseet.dk
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