Mera Spa in Marriott resort – Sopot, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Mera Spa in Sopot, Poland
What used to be Mera hotel and spa is today Marriott resort and spa. The spa part is still named Mera Spa and we got to visit this place. During this time we also got pampered and treated with a hand massage with Amber. Who knew that hands could get this relaxed?!

Mera Spa – Amber in focus

So what is different with Mera Spa compared to other places? Well at Mera Spa the focus is on Amber. They are both using and selling amber cosmetics. Apparently, the amber is really good for you and has a beneficial influence. They have loads of “regular” treatments too but the amber is what makes them special.  My favorite part was without a doubt the color that I got on my hands and arms after the treatment. I was glowing like gold!

Mera Spa in Sopot, Poland

You can get treatments and buy amber body peeling, body butter, shower gel and hand cream and more. You can choose between different kinds of treatments and explore the spa like it should be explored. A massage session provides the body with the benefits of negative ions contained in amber. By increasing blood flow, it stimulates energy, improves concentration and mood.

Mera Spa in Sopot, Poland

Our experience at the Mera Spa

We got to get a hand, and arm massage while at the spa. My masseuse was named Kasia B and she was perfect! I heard some of the others “complain” that the message wasn’t “hard” enough. I thought that my massage was perfect! The music, the smell, the relaxation was all so perfect. In all honesty, I didn’t know that hands could get that relaxed. After the treatment, I sat down to write my impressions and it was hard for me to write. Not because I was sticky but because my hands were that relaxed!

Mera Spa in Sopot, Poland

While relaxing after the massage I got to be in a really nice room where I could drink water and just soak in the peace. What was funny was that all of the people there were playing with their phones hahaha journalists these days! And a ps: I could not get my wedding ring off. I wouldn’t budge so my hand massage included my jewelry.

The treatments at Mera Spa

A 30-minute massage costs 190 zloty (2017). That is just an example and there are a bunch of massages and treatments to choose from. And if you want to live large, you can book a night at the hotel. The price for a double room is between 700 – 900 zloty per night. And that price is quite fair for the standard of the hotel. However we didn’t spend the night here – we just had the best hand massage ever!

The hotel is located within walking distance to the city center of Sopot and has an amazing view of the ocean. I fell in love with the chairs of the hotel. If we weren’t living in a motorhome I would’ve had them at home! They were so gorgeous!

Information about the Mera Spa in Sopot, Poland

Address: Bitwy pod Płowcami 5981-731 Sopot,  Poland.
Phonenumber: 0048-58 766 60 80.


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