Krzywy Domek – Crooked House – Sopot, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Crooked house Sopot Poland
This house has been on my bucket list for so long I can’t even remember for how long. It’s been named one of the most unusual houses in several magazines and people all over the world have heard about this house. The house is placed in the city center of Sopot and it sure does raise an eyebrow!

Krzywy Domek – Crooked House in Sopot

It looks like a morphed house. Or it might look like something from a fairytale. I don’t believe that you can pass this house without making a stop and look at it. At least if it’s the first time you see it. This commercial building is a really popular landmark. It was built in 2004 by the design team of Szotynscy & Zaleski. And the funny thing is that the building was inspired by a Polish fairy tale.

It’s named, Krzywy Domek translates into the crooked house. Polish people joke about it and say that if you are out partying and drinking you shall pass this house. If it looks like a regular house – go to bed and sleep because that means that you are wasted!

My experience of the crooked house

So my expectations were super high before coming here. I knew from pictures what the house would look like. Still, when I saw it I was amazed! The thing is that I thought that Krzywy Domek was some sort of attraction. That you could go inside and explore something awesome. It turns out that this house is just special from the outside. However, it’s super cool! No, I don’t think that it is overrated. I loved it!

The only sad thing is that they have let trees grow outside and they kind of hide some parts of the house. It feels weird that they have a coffee shop inside and regular stores. I would love to have a store in a building like that!
Crooked house Sopot Poland

The drunk house

Come to think of it… I wonder if the other houses don’t think that this house is drunk?! And I wonder why other architects haven’t copied the house and placed similar houses elsewhere. I finally got to see it and believe me, we were not the only once taking pictures. I love this house, I love this house! This is a place that I will come back to and the next time I will take my time and have a cup of coffee while admiring it!

And at the same time, I can’t but think of the dancing houses in Prague. I believe there is something similar here?! And I know that the houses in Prague get loads of critique. I think I like the crooked house more.

Information about the Crooked House

Address: ul. Bohaterow Monte Cassino 53Sopot 81-767, Poland.
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  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Visst är huset coolt! Men inuti är det ju inte så spännande … Har för mig att det finns en liten antikaffär 😉 Är ni i Polen nu? Vi roadtrippar i Polen och Tjeckien just nu 🙂

    • mini

      Hej Det är hur fräckt som helst. Det är bara synd med dom 2 träden som står framför huset. Vi är i Sverige för tillfället och jo då vi följer er så vi vet vad ni hittar på 🙂


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