Sailing from Gdansk To Sopot with Premium Yachting, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot
Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia. These are part of the Tricity (trojmiasta in Polish). There are several ways to getting from one of the cities to another. We had the chance to sail from Gdansk to Sopot with Premium Yachting. We got to learn a lot about Gdansk and the sights we saw and it was a great trip. In this post, you can read all about it.    

From Gdansk to Sopot by boat

To get from Gdansk to Sopot the waterway it is about five to six nautical miles. Gdansk has a huge shipyard and when I say huge, I mean huge! About 2/3 of the boat trip is spent within the Gdansk Harbor and the last part is in the Baltic Bay. There are lots of ships and small boats and ferries and all things that float on water in the harbor. And the guys on the boat were great and gave us a lot of interesting information about the harbor and its surroundings.

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot

Importing coal from Australia is cheaper

Poland is still considered a “cheap” country when it comes to buying stuff. That’s why I got so confused when we heard that all the coal that we saw being offloaded in the harbor came from Australia. Poland is a huge producer of coal – not just a big one but a really big one. It turns out that it is much cheaper to import the coal all the way from Australia and the price – offloaded in the harbor of Gdansk is still 1/3 of the price compared to the Polish coal.

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot

How that is possible is beyond me! Just imagine how long it is from Australia to Poland and how many people need to be on the ship. Work and take care of the boat to make it come to Poland with the coal.

Passing Westerplatte

We got to see where the World War II started. From the side that the bombings started. It was September first 1939 that the Germans started bombing Westerplatte. We have not yet been close up to the monument but it felt really special to see the place where it all started. The monument is huge and really nice so I believe that it’s definitely worth visiting. But there is one thing… Is Westerplatte really the place where the war started? According to Stefan, the owner of the lighthouse, the war started from the lighthouse across the river. Be sure to check out our post on the lighthouse in Nowy Port to read all about it!

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot

With amazing weather, an amazing crew and amazing people this could not turn up other than perfect! After leaving the harbor – we (read the crew) got our sails up and took off. Unfortunately, we were late so we had to go by engine the whole way. But the engine was quiet so it did not bother us. Mini was feeling right at home. Being a Yacht Master he is more like a fish than a human.

Sailing from Gdansk to Sopot Aerial photo of Sopot

We had a great time and laughed a lot. Apparently this thing – sailing to Sopot is quite new and not yet so spread out. However, we believe that this will grow more and more because it’s an amazing way to travel.

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