Restaurant and Café Polskie Smaki, Sopot, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot
While visiting the pier in Sopot, you can not miss the hotel looking like something taken from Monte Carlo. Inside the Sheraton Hotel there is a restaurant. “Polskie Smaki” which translates into polish flavors. The restaurant will not make you disappointed.

Restaurant Polskie Smaki

I’m not sure if the restaurant could have had a better location. When you walk out on the porch, you can see the Sopot Pier and the water stretching out. The restaurant is very neat and nice and this is the place where you can eat true Polish cuisine.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot

During our visit we got a “fixed” menu to choose from. I love that because when I have too much to choose from, I can never decide what I want.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot

Genuine Polish food with a twist

As an appetizer, we got “pierogi”, Polish dumplings. But the dumplings were stuffed with cod and buckwheat and were served with roasted vegetables. For a person that likes pierogi – This is heaven. Although I have never tried the dumplings with fish before, but I would love to eat that again! It was great and the dumplings were much larger than they usually are at restaurants.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot. Dumplings

Like most often in Poland, soup is often on the menu. It stems from the time when a lot of people were poor. Soup was often cheap to make and by serving it before the main course the belly was somewhat full and you wouldn’t eat as much of the main course. In our case, we got soup for another reason – because it tasted great. It was a Kashubian fish soup, acidified with cucumber juice.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot

Main courses at Polskie Smaki

For the main course, we got to choose between two dishes. Usually Mini and I always choose the same thing but this time we didn’t. And I think that we both won the jackpot with our main courses.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot

Mini chose fish and got fried pikeperch, grilled asparagus, caramelized leek, tomato jam and brown butter sauce. I got the roasted duck with homemade potato croquettes, young cabbage stewed with smoked bacon, juniper, and Kashubian honey sauce.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot

And yes… it was just as good as described :). And to top it all of we got almond cream and pear tart with lemon mousse and a pear sauce.

Restaurant and cafe polskie smaki Sopot

Information about Restaurant and Café Polskie Smaki

Address: Powstańców Warszawy 10, 81-718 Sopot, Poland.
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  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Ser riktigt gott ut! Jag åt supergoda pierogi (med olika fyllningar) i Warszawa för ett tag sen. Hälsningar från Zakopane!

    • mini

      Ahh Era lyckosar. Zakopane som är så härligt. Vi skulle följt med er på er resa…


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