Restaurant Absynt – Nowy Targ, Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Restaurant Absynt. It is unbelievable that this place was once compared to a colonoscopy – or even worse… like being inside a creature that is eating you alive. That was then, this is now and Absynt is by far one of the coolest restaurants we have visited in Poland.

Restaurant Absynt in Nowy Targ, Malopolska, Poland

The USA has Gordon Ramsey. Poland has Magda Gessler. A couple of years ago she visited the restaurant and made some changes. This was our first time there so I can not say if it was bad before but now it is great.
restaurant absynt

It is not often that you walk into a restaurant and feel like you have entered a fairytale. That is the case with this gem in Nowy Targ. The owner is super friendly and the food is really good. And the interior of this place is an attraction by itself. There are so many things that you find by walking around in the restaurant. Every nook and cranny makes sense and you can not help by smiling while here.

When we went there I did not know that the polish Gordon Ramsey had been here. After finding that out, I had to look at the episode (it is a good thing that I can understand polish). The couple owning the restaurant seem so kind and willing to learn and I hope that this restaurant will last!

The food at Restaurant Absynt?

There is quite variety on the menu. You can choose from traditional polish food such as Pierogis with cheese and potatoes (Ruskie pierogi) to Rosol (polish chicken soup). On the other hand the restaurant specializes in lamb. We ordered a dish that is the shoulder of a lamb (for two persons) and the meat was so tender and nice! We also ordered pierogi (because we always eat them while in Poland). And what about desert? Ice cream with nuts and grilled pear and cheese and honey. Yes I know – the combo of cheese and ice-cream sounds off but it was excellent! The lamb and the ice-cream was from recipes of Magda Gessler.

I know restaurants usually do not fit into the category – To Do but this restaurant is truly an attraction.
You might wanna come here after spending the day at the thermal baths!

ul. Zachemskiego 5 (dzielnica kowaniec)
34-400 Nowy Targ
Tel: +48 662 468 486
Tel: +48 506 840 031


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