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Last updated May 29, 2021

La Bohemia in Costa TeguiseRestaurant La Bohemia in Costa Teguise is the perfect place for meat lovers. There is no shortage of restaurants in Costa Teguise, being a resort area and all. We found a really nice place that we recommend to everyone that loves meat! 

La Bohemia – different kinds of salt

This restaurant does not brag with the nice ocean view. No, this is the place you go for good food. And they have SALT! Well by that I mean that they serve the bread with different salts that you can try out. I love spices and I love salt in all shapes and tastes. The one thing that would make this experience perfect would be if they gave us information about the different salts. In this case, they just place it on the table and you have to try yourself.

I am still looking for the salt that we had on a cruise that tasted exactly like eggs. No luck here, but I tried all of the salts and my favorite was the smoked one. LA Bohemia also serves a really good bread that is still warm when it is served.
La Bohemia in Costa Teguise

La Bohemia – go there for the mixed grill plate

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to the menu. However, we recommend you to order the mixed grill (if you are two persons that will be eating). I love the way they present the food and I love the amount of food even more. There is so much food on that plate that it is insane! Both Mini and I like to eat (and we eat a lot) so that was greatly appreciated.

And we saw people getting doggy bags to take their leftovers and I love that because you should not waste food! Their mixed grilled plate is really good. And the fries taste a lot better than “regular fries” in a diner. So we can only say to everyone that is traveling to Costa Teguise – check this place out!

Fun Fact: British, American and Canadian bacon rashers each have their own distinct look and are cut from different parts of the pig. At this restaurant you have another kind of bacon on your plate and it is really good!

La Bohemia in Costa Teguise

Information about La Bohemia

Address: Av. de las Islas Canarias, 11, Local 6, 35508 Costa Teguise.
Opening hours: Daily 13.00 – 23.00.
Phone number: +34 928 59 17 72
La Bohemia in Costa Teguise
La Bohemia in Costa Teguise
La Bohemia in Costa Teguise


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