Restaurant Miera is a great place for lunch in Lubeck

Last updated Nov 15, 2021
Restaurant Miera

Restaurant Miera is a special place for several reasons. First of all, it’s not easy to find which one of the Miera restaurants you want to visit. Does it sound crazy? Well, let us tell you all about our visit to the restaurant where we had lunch during our stay in Lubeck.

Restaurant Miera is three different places

It sounds confusing and honestly, it was at first. We had information that we were supposed to go to Miera for lunch and we had the address. Once there, we noticed that there were two “Miera” restaurants on one side of the street and another one called Miera Nudelbude on the other side. So first, we needed to figure out where we were supposed to be eating.

Restaurant Miera
Restaurant Miera

After doing some “research” we find out that the first Miera is a wine bar where they don’t serve food. The second place is a nudle bar where you can get some really fresh nudle dishes. Finally, the third Restaurant Miera is where we are supposed to be for our lunch. All the places are really nice so whichever you choose – we are sure that you will be happy!

Restaurant and a delicacy shop

Delicacy shop at restaurant miera
If you try some cheese in the restaurant and you want more, you can buy it and bring it with you home.

I love the combination of a restaurant and a shop. Well, as long as they are selling food and not knickknacks. The reason why I love these combinations of a store and a restaurant is easy… if you try some cheese in the restaurant and you want more, you can buy it and bring it with you home.

At restaurant Miera, they are also selling wine and ham and everything in between. Since we are trying not to buy a lot of stuff (not even as souvenirs for family and friends), buying something from a delicacy shop is just perfect! Eat your lunch and then buy some things with you to re-live the visit to the restaurant from home!

The lunch menu at restaurant Miera

The “regular” menu is only available in German so our google translate really came in handy. However, in the end, we opted for the most priceworthy option – 17,50 euros for a starter, main course, and a dessert. This place is really nice, cozy, and seems to be very popular because it quickly gets crowded. This place specializes in antipasti and other Italian specialties.

Restaurant Miera food
Tomato and mozzarella salad – Ratatouille (which is served with white fish) – Roast beef salad. And last but not least, the dessert – Strawberry pannacotta.

As a starter, we get a tomato and mozzarella salad. It’s super fresh and tasty but at times the flavors almost become too overwhelming. Each bite has its own flavor and it’s a great experience for our tastebuds. For the main course, Mini tries the Ratatouille (which is served with white fish). I go for the roast beef salad. It’s simple but really nice. And last but not least – the dessert! Strawberry pannacotta. We are happy with our lunch and we can recommend this place to everyone that is visiting Lubeck! We also recommend you try out the Neue Rosterei which is a great lunch café not far from the restaurant Miera.

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Information about Restaurant Miera

Address: Hüxstraße 57, 23552 Lübeck.
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 11:30 – 00:00. Sundays it’s closed.
Dishes served: Bistro, restaurant, and fine dining. Italian specialties.

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