“Seas” the day during the Tri-City Sailing Cup

Last updated May 24, 2021

Sopot sailing
How many people can brag about taking part in a sailing cup? Well, we can. During a trip to Poland, we got to be part of the crew at the regatta and what a great experience that was! Join us on our sailing competition.

Tri-City Sailing Cup

The day started with all of us waiting for the wind to make its entrance. The Regatta is a three-day celebration of sailing. The goal is to promote sailing and the water area of the Gulf and Gdansk. We got to join the crew in Sopot. The start of our day was to open the prosecco and celebrate in advance. The whole crew was excited and super happy. Even if we did toast in prosecco, I want to be clear that none of us was intoxicated or drunk!

Sopot sailing

So after the wind finally decided to show up, we hurried out with our boat and dressed in our new t-shirts!

Sailing regatta Sopot Poland

Missing the start of the regatta

There were 70 starting boats. Some of them were small catamarans that we knew we didn’t stand a chance against. Meanwhile, on the boat, we were all very eager to start the race and just kick a* during the competition. But no matter how much we were trying to watch out for the start – we ended up missing it. It took us a while before we noticed that the rest of the 69 boats already were on their way.

Sailing regatta Sopot Poland

Ok so here comes a little funny secret. We started the engine and hurried up to catch up. On the boat, we were singing to drench some of the engines sounds. And this felt fine – cheating but in a nice way. We didn’t stand a chance to win either way but we also didn’t want to come in last.

Sailing regatta Sopot Poland

Amazing time at the sea with Premium Yachting

So this was our second encounter with the Premium Yachting and they did not disappoint us. Our goal was to not come in last and we accomplished that goal! From the information I gathered they offer tours and you can charter a boat with a captain and sail around in the Tri-City area. I love the idea. Greece and Croatia better look out because Poland is coming strong when it comes to sailing!

Sailing regatta Sopot Poland

And even though the regatta cup is only once a year, you are welcome to sail in Poland as much as you’ll like!

Read about the other sailing trip we did with Premium Yachting here.


  1. FREEDOMtravel

    Coolt! Är ni kvar i Polen? Hur länge? Vi kommer att komma till kusten om ett litet tag. Ska först till nationalpark i öst och sedan Mazurisjöarna, eller vad de heter. Sedan mot Gdansk … Om ni är kvar då vore det förstås kul att ses! 🙂

    • mini

      Nej vi är i Sverige nu men det hade varit kul att träffas någonstans nere i Skåne när ni kommer tillbaks? Mazury sjöarna kommer bli megafint. Ska ni till Malbork med då?

  2. FREEDOMtravel

    Ok! Vore jättekul att ses i Skåne! Vågar inte lova något dock eftersom vi har en tid att passa i Sthlm (jobb!) och eftersom min mamma oxå hoppas att vi ska komma förbi i Halmstad … 😉 Vi har det superfint i Polen och är på väg mot Mazurisjöarna nu. Kommer precis från close encounter med visent 🙂 Berättar på bloggen imorgon 🙂

    • mini

      Håller tummarna och vi följer er.


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