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Last updated May 24, 2021 | Published Oct 30, 2017

Waly Chrobrego
While in Szczecin, the best way to explore the city is by foot. There are several walkways and paths that take you around the old town of Szczecin. While in Szczecin we checked out the Waly Chrobrego Promenade, Bulwary and a red tourist route. It ended up to be a “walk all day” but it was great!

Walking is a great way to explore a new place. Mini and I often look for a hop on hop off and ride the whole routes. But when the city center is concentrated, there is no need to go by bus and then we always walk. In Szczecin, the main highlight is the old town so that’s where we started. The newest addition to the walking routes is “Bulwary”. A nice walk along the Odra River. The guy working at the reception at the camping told us that this place was not to miss.

Waly Chrobrego Promenade (Hakenterrasse)

This is still the number one attraction in Szczecin according to TripAdvisor. This is the place where both locals and tourists stroll around and meet up. At first, we were confused because when we got to the address, there was a building and a big fountain. Due to renovations, the fountain was not in use. We stood there for a while, wondering what all the fuss was about. And then we read that it was supposed to be a promenade and not just one spot.

We took a Walk in Szczecin

The Hakenterrasse.

So we started walking and it was really nice. You walk among huge old buildings and cozy restaurants, overlooking the Odra river. This place has a soul – a story to tell and it’s worth taking a stroll here. The promenade is about 500 meters and the Hakenterrasse is in the middle of it. We are not sure but with the new walking area (Bulwary) this place might come more and more into hiding. And if you only had time to stroll around one of the places (this place or the Bulwary) we recommend Bulwary since this place takes you right by Odra River.

Address: Ul. Waly Chrobrego 1/4Szczecin 70-500, Poland.

Walk in Szczecin

The Waly Chrobrego walkway.

Bulwary in Szczecin, Poland

Fishermen trying their luck from the walkway. Graffiti painted everywhere to brighten your day. Scary faces coming out of walls and statues sporadically placed among the walk makes Bulwary a great walk. The day we strolled around here the Odra river was feeling generous because a lot of the men got fish. And yes I say men because of all the people fishing this day we only saw one woman and she was there with a man that was fishing = didn’t fish herself.

a fisherman in Szczecin

Fisherman at Bulwary in Szczecin

Restaurants and cafés are placed along the walk, 15 kilometers along the river. We loved this place and I was super impressed by all the Graffiti. Sure there were some “tags” that just ruined the artwork but most of them were probably planned and ordered to be painted. A great place to just explore Szczecin and have a nice walk.

Address: Bulwar PiastowskiSzczecin, Poland.

The Bulwary walk

We took a Walk in Szczecin on the famous Bulwary walk.

The City Tourist Route

If you walk into a tourist office or the reception of your hotel/hostel you will get a map that has the “red route” on it. And all along the route, there are red stripes painted on the ground. You will pass 42 different places in Szczecin. Some of them are really nice like churches and important landmarks. Others feel like they don’t need to be on the route but still, the route makes for a really nice walk.
walking in Szczecin

There is a BUT, with this route. You need to be alert on where the marks are leading you. Mini and I got into the walking and touristing and we often found ourselves having to backtrack to get on the route again. But at the same time – isn’t touristing all about getting lost?! We loved the fact that Szczecin has made an effort for tourists by creating this route! And there is also a golden route that is made for tourists. We’re not sure whether it’s walking distance or if you need to go by bus or tram.

Address: The number one on the route is at the main railway station.

The red tourist path in Szczecin

Along with this route, there are red stripes painted on the ground.

Walk around in Szczecin, Poland

We had a great day exploring Szczecin and we hatched a lot of eggs playing Pokemon. Hmm that might be the reason why we kept getting off the route now when I think of it. And while in Szczecin it’s a great way to explore the town by foot. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and don’t be in a hurry. Stop and take a coffee or grab a bite to eat before you continue to explore!
walking in Szczecin
walking in Szczecin


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    Det var väldigt enkelt att gå på sightseeing där med de röda markeringarna

    • mini

      Ja visst var det!!! Grymt bra grej.Skulle funnits i alla städer!


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