Hotel Q Plus Wroclaw – Walking distance to a lot of attractions

Last updated May 24, 2021

Q hotel in Wroclaw, Poland
Picking the right hotel for you stay in Wroclaw (or any other place for that matter) is not easy. If you don’t have a car you might want to be close to the city center. You might want to have a gym or whatever. We can recommend Hotel Q Plus in Wroclaw. 

Hotel Q Plus, Wroclaw Poland

With 127 rooms, this hotel is not a small and quaint place. Rather it is quite strict and clean-cut. Its a modern place with a bar right next to checkin – coincidence – I don’t think so. The room we got was spacious and really nice and clean. We are used to all sorts of standard on our hotels and this was a really nice one. The whole hotel was really nice. Its within walking distance to the City center of Wroclaw and you have great tram connection just outside the hotel.
Q hotel in Wroclaw, Poland

Safety is on point

We got to see the hotel work efficiently with their safety. Im pretty sure that this will not happen to you while there. In our case we had a couple of hours to relax before meeting up in the lobby. I went to lay down and when I was falling asleep I heard something coming from the speakers. It was an evacuation. An evacuation of the whole hotel. Mini was up and ready to go within seconds. I started to changing clothes = not the greatest idea. It turned out that there was an old woman who decided to ignore the “no smoking” signs and started smoking in her room, setting of the alarm.

We were let into the hotel again within five minutes and all was well. Ok so Mini had a quite stern discussion with me about changing clothes during an evacuation and I hope that I will not do that next time.

Restaurant Questa

Inside the hotel there is a restaurant called Questa. We had our dinner there before going to a gala (yes we occasionally go to galas). The food was excellent, nothing to complain about there. However it took forever to get the food. I believe that there was something wrong with the kitchen that day. If all days were the same i don’t believe that the restaurant would survive. A lot of people got agitated and we felt stressed but in their defense Mini and I got free wine to drink so we survived.
Hotel Q plus Wroclaw, Poland

All in all we can recommend this place during your stay in Wroclaw.

Information about Hotel Q Plus, Wroclaw

Address: Zaolziańska 2, 53-334 Wrocław, Poland.


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