Troia and Troia Beach for a day

Troia beach PortugalTroia. This is the place to visit if you want to get away from Lisbon for a day and enjoy an amazing beach. The Troia beach is ranked as one of Lisbon’s best beaches. Troia is a really nice city outside of Lisbon and if you have a couple of days in the capital, make sure to go here.

Troia is like a “mini” Las Vegas

We spent a whole day in Troia, visiting both the city center, the golf course and the beach. No, we didn’t play golf but we saw the well-renowned golf course and it seems to be a great one. The thing that impressed us the most was the beach. Sure that Troia is nice, but the beach is spectacular.

There is not to much to do here. I do believe that the beach and the harbor- promenade are the main (and only) highlights. This whole city is like a summer paradise, a place where people come and relax during the summer and holidays.
Troia beach Portugal
Troia beach flamingos

Walking from the beach to the harbor

There is a beautiful pathway that takes you from the beach to the harbor. And Troi has some special bond with painted birds?! Yes, all over town you can see birds that are painted. I thought that it was awesome and kept walking just to find some more of these birds. When you walk along the wooden pathway you can stop and take a break. There are also signs that give you more information about the wildlife and the plants that are here.

During our visit (in April) there were some flowers among the pathway that were in full bloom. I wish that I could describe the lovely smell that came from the flowers. It was so fresh and nice. I am not sure what kind of flowers they were but they spread the scent for a long time.
Pathway in Troia Portugal
Flowers at a pathway in Troia Portugal

Cool buildings and an amazing beach in Troia

The Troia beach is incredible. The water is so clear that you can even see the fish underneath the surface. And the buildings in the city are really cool – like the casino that is well known in town! I can write in circles about how nice the beach is, it is better to show you.
Troia Building

How to get to Troia from Lisbon

The city is just 40 kilometers from Lisbon so it is not that far from the capital. There are several different ways that you can get there.

Getting to Troia by car

If you have your own car or a rental one, you can drive here. It takes you about an hour and a half and parking will not be a problem once you arrive. If you get here with your own vehicle you might also like to stop by the small village of Alcacer do Sal and the magical city of Carrasqueira.

Getting to Troia by bus (and boat)

If you go by bus you will go to Setubal. The bus leaves every five minutes and it will take you about an hour. The price is 3 – 5 euros. Once you arrive in Setubal you need to take the ferry over. There are two types of ferries. One is just for passengers and the other one is one where you can bring your car. The price for taking the boat depends on if you are bringing your car and how big it is.
You can also go here by taking a taxi or Uber and that will set you back about 35 to 50 Euro one way.
The boat from setubal to Troia
Troia timetable

Getting to Troia by train (and boat)

The train is almost like taking the bus. You will arrive in Setubal a bit earlier. If you take the bus or train to Setubal there is a walk from the station to the ferry. Make sure to have that in mind when you plan your trip!

Welcome to Troia – You will love it!


  1. Anna / Boihusbil

    Oj så vackert! Dit måste vi ta oss, det ser jag ju! Tack för tips!

    • Annika & Mini

      Det är verkligen supervackert där!

  2. Henrik Olsson - Föreläsningar

    Det där såg ju inte alls illa!!

    Sv: Ja, nog ser jag också fram emot det – men det lär nog dröja många år innan man packar ihop sitt bohag och rullar iväg! 😛


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