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Last updated May 24, 2021

Hotel number one Gdansk, Poland
This hotel is brand new. It’s only been open for about two months and it is awesome! Their slogan is “Hotel Number One, This is the One” and we can understand why. Fresh and nice and best of all, really close to the city center. Join us to the Hotel Number One in Gdansk. 

Hotel Number One, Gdansk

The hotel is really fresh and yes that might be because it’s brand new but we believe that it will be kept this way. The best part is that it’s walking distance from the city center. For us, this is really important. We want to be able to reach the attractions without having to take a cab. And Gdansk is an amazing city and there is so much to see there. Staying at a hotel that is easy to reach and where you can rest and sleep well is really important. Hotel Number One is a three-star hotel but we think that those stars are big. There will also be pools and a spa but if we didn’t get it wrong, the spa part is still under construction.

Hotel number one Gdansk, Poland

The rooms at Hotel Number One

No carpets here! Here you have nice and light parquet floors. When I saw it I immediately thought of my brother in law. He says that he won’t sleep in hotels that have carpets. Ever since he said that I have always been looking at the floors in the hotels we come to and in all honesty, I have come to a conclusion. All the rooms that we pay for ourselves are with carpets on the floor. All the hotels that we stay in while on press trips are not carpets. I think that it means that we are cheapskates and choose hotels that are not as nice.

Hotel number one Gdansk, Poland

Our room at Hotel Number One was very nice. The colors were soft and calming. The beds were so comfortable and we slept like babies. The shower was huge – I bet you could fit a whole family in there. And we had our own balcony. The sad thing is that we did not have the time to explore the balcony and sit out there. Every night we were so tired so we fell right asleep.

Hotel number one Gdansk, Poland

The super breakfast

The breakfast at the hotel was really nice. I love when you make your own coffee in a machine – then you can choose to make it the exact way you’ll like. And I love hotel breakfasts like I think that most of you do.

Hotel number one Gdansk, Poland

Was there anything that could’ve been better at the hotel? Well yes, one thing. During our check in, there was a line and we had to wait. No that was not the problem. The problem was when one of the guys before us came back after a while and said that there was a problem with his room. The problem was that there was another person sleeping in the bed when he entered the room.

The staff excused themselves and said that the hotel is brand new and that some of the staff has not fully learned how the booking system works. And sure this can happen – we are all only humans. However, I did feel somewhat uneasy and worried about the same thing happening to us. Luckily it didn’t. But the next day we learned that one of our travel partners had the same thing happen to her. Sanna said that when she walked into her room there was someone else’s stuff there. This means that it happened twice just during our stay. But in all honesty, even if I wanted to mention it – we would stay at the hotel again without thinking twice.

Information about Hotel Number One

Hotel rooms: 172
Two-room studios: 62
Address: ul. Jaglana 3/5, 80-749 Gdansk, Poland.
Website: www.hotelnumberone.pl

Hotel number one Gdansk, Poland

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    Hoppas att allt är bra med er båda, och den lilla chilipenisen! 😉


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