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Last updated Jul 26, 2022
Alpentherme Gastein

Alpentherme Gastein is the place to come and recharge your batteries after a day of hiking – or skiing if you come here during winter. It’s a thermal bath, family place, and spa all in one. We had such a great time visiting these Thermal pools. While we were in the pool, we had the most incredible view of the Alps.

Genuine Gastein Water

Alpentherme Gastein

The water that contributes to making this pools special is drawn from 16 springs. They are located about 1 000 meters above sea level and when they are drawn the temperature is about 46 degrees Celsius. About 5 million liters come up each day to the Alpentherme and then the water is cooled to about 32 – 36 degrees Celsius. And then the water is perfect to enjoy.

The water is suitable for both health and recreation. The whole place is 32 000 square meters and when you are outside, you have the most amazing views of the Hohe Tauern National Park. It is well worth it to visit and rewind in the different pools and saunas.

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Visit the Relax World

Alpentherme relax zone Gastein
In the relax world there is a passway to swim outside if you like.
The sports pool at the thermalbath
Is anyone up for 200-meter butterfly contest?

There are several different pools and places where you can relax during your visit to Alpentherme Gastein. There are areas both inside and outside. The pools are heated and you can move around in the huge area where you can go from inside to outside and vice versa. There is a sports pool that is a bit colder and here you can swim laps if you want to get some exercise in.

You can also find some relaxation loungers and quiet zones. The relax area truly gets you calm and collected. This is the part of the Alpentherme Gastein where we spent almost all of our time while being here. The spring-fed pools feel exactly like ”regular” water and it doesn’t smell bad or anything.

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Sauna World – A Nude Place

The nude zone at alpentherme Gastein
The nude zone at Alpentherme Gastein
Alpentherme Gastein cold room
Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein
The cold ice is coming up from the middle! It actually wasn’t too cold in the room.

Since we are Swedish, we are not that comfortable being naked around other people. However, at the sauna world at Alpentherme Gastein you have to be completely naked. For that reason – we don’t have that many pictures to show you from the spa part. We ended up not visiting the whole area but we found an awesome place here that was empty. It is a sauna that produces ice – yes you read it correctly!

The place is not as cold as you might think. I would say that it’s rather refreshing. And the best part is that there are pillars of ice that come up and fall from the middle of the room. Such an amazing and special place to explore while being here.

Family World And Other Things At Alpentherme Gastein

Even if we ended up spending most of our time in the Relax World, we did take a look at the family world too. It is great for families with children. With several pools and slides, this is the place to be with your children. But at Alpentherme Gastein there’s even more! They offer several spa treatments, gym equipment, and everything you need to have a great adventure.

You also need to take a dip in the Smaragd Lake outside. During our visit, the water was pretty cold but it normally is about 25 degrees Celsius. This natural pool has pure thermal water without added chlorine. This pool is open during spring and autumn.

Our Visit To The Alpentherme Gastein

a Thermal bath in the alps, Bad Hofgastein_
Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein

We have been to several different spas and thermal baths before. However, this one in Bad Hofgastein had the best view of them all. It’s impossible to describe the views and the feeling of being here. We love when the changing rooms are joined and we can share a locker. Everything here is super fresh and relaxing. We ended up spending a couple of hours here, just talking and enjoying our company.

You pay by the hour and there is a 3-hour package that is great. Then you get to enjoy the whole area. We took a quick dip inside Smaragd Lake and then we ended up spending the rest of our time in the Relax World. We also visited the Felsentherme in Bad Gastein so keep your eyes out for that post.

Information About Alpentherme Gastein

Alpentherme Bad Hofgastein

Address: Senator-Wilhelm-Wilfling-Platz 1, Bad Hofgastein.
Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 09.00 – 21.00. Thursday – Saturday: 09.00 – 22.00. Sunday: 09.00 – 21.00.
Website of Alpentherme Gastein

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Collaboration with Salzburger Land and Gastein

Disclaimer: This was a press trip arranged by All the thoughts and comments are our own!


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