Aruba – Casibari Rock Formations!

Jul 30, 2016

Aruba – Casibari Rock Formations!

Aruba is as magical as it sounds to be. Blue skies and turquoise water – because it is Aruba. Great sightseeing is offered by this Island. One thing is the Casibari Rockformations. 

Aruba – Casibari Rock Formations!

To do while in Aruba!
Casibari Rock Formations are rocks on the Island that you are allowed to climb while visiting. On the top you see a nice view of the Island. The Island is truly wonderful. You can come here and climb the rocks any time. Best of all? It it is free of charge.
If you want or need, you can buy some sodas and snacks from people that are selling things at the bottom of the rocks.
While this is not an attraction for people that have difficult moving and walking – try yo make it to the top. It will be worth your while. And you get a small amount of exercise :).

It is not a hard climb but you need to be able to walk on your own to climb.

Climbing is not as hard as it seems 😉

Magical views of the happy Island.

Aruba is “one happy Island”.

Morris joined us for the climb because – well he is always with us

Not lonely at the top!

Taking a (not needed) break on the way down.

Formations that are really something special.

These rocks have a rich history so while here it is perfect to learn more about the country and its culture. And did you know that the earliest settlers on the island used the rocks to detect incoming thunderstorms?! Somehow while amongst the caves they could detect incoming rain and if the thunder was coming.
And for being an island famous for its beaches – make sure to go inland and explore more! While the beaches are great but in all honesty. The whole island is magical!


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