Dubai is super sparkly and shiny

Gold Souk in Dubai. The place of dreams and where one thing is bigger than the other. There are some things that Dubai is famous for, Cars, buildings, excessive money and of corse gold

Gold Souk in Dubai

To visit Dubai and not to see the gold souk is like going to Paris and not seeing the eiffel tower. This is not just a place for people interested in buying gold – this is a true attraction. Walk among hundreds of small (and large) stores selling nothing but gold and shiny stones. It is a very different side of Dubai. If you are expecting the gold souk to be like the grand shoppingmalls, you will be disappointed. Dubais souk is more like a bazar, somewhat unorganized with stores piled onto and next to each other.

Buy cheap gold

The gold prices are cheaper here than in Europe. You can see the price of the gold daily and there are four different carats to choose from. But even if the price of the gold itself is fixed – it does not mean you can’t bargain. You can still bargain in the price of the work for the jewelry you want. The gold is a lot more yellow than “regular” european gold but I believe that a lot of people like it like that. For me, a woman that only wears a silver necklace with the ashes of her dog and my wedding band – this was kind of “to much”. But I loved to walk around here and admire the work.

Over the top like Dubai

The jewelry is often extreme and I am not overstating that. This is a lot more that people from the western world use. It is also this that makes the gold souk such an amazing place to visit. Because it is truly an adventure and it is free of charge – unless you start shopping.
This is the perfect way to spend an hour or two. The only thing that was not as great are all the people on the street that are trying to sell you fake watches and bags. They will not take “no thank you” for an answer. They follow you around – hoping that you will change your mind. But at the same time you can’t blame them. They are trying to make a living to!
The gold souk is opened 10.00 – 22.00 every day except for Fridays when it is closed. Be sure to check it out.
Dubai Gold souk (market)
Dubai Gold souk (market)

If you want to see more luxury stuff check these extreme cars out an where in Dubai you can find them to!

Adress: 54 Al Khor St, Dubai, UAE


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