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The Lost Chambers Aquarium at the Atlantis hotel in Dubai is a different kind of aquarium. You have probably all heard of the lost city of Atlantis. Well it turns out that it´s found in Dubai. 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium – Atlantis, Dubai

With 21 exhibits amongst a mystical environment this place is well worth a visit. If you are staying at the Atlantis hotel, you have free access to the aquarium. In other case it costs AED 100:- (2017). Once inside you can do so much more than just walk around the aquarium. A fun thing is to download the Lost Chambers App and use it while there. They offer you free wifi and you have to solve puzzles and unveil secrets. You also get information about the different species of fish there.

The lost chambers aquarium

Over 65 000 Marine Animals

There are ten different chambers with different aquariums. If you pay extra you can snorkel or dive in the aquarium. There are several different attractions that you can add on to your ticket. Some of them are shark night dive (for certified divers) or behind the scenes (where you get to see how they take care of the animals). Included in your ticket you also have some feedings and information during special hours.

Marvel over the marin life

We spend about two hours here and just strolled around. We did not wait for specific feedings or shows but waited and watched when we stumbled upon them. It is a really nice place and even if you have visited hundreds of aquariums you are always finding new fishes that you haven’t seen before. In this case we loved the settings for the different aquariums. They were very nice made and felt like a natural habitat for the fishes. Not just water and a bunch of fishes. Lots of nooks and crannies where they could hide. A magical place in magical Dubai!
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Website: https://www.atlantisthepalm.com/marine-water-park/lost-chambers-aquarium



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