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Last updated May 24, 2021

Polish Restaurant food
Sure you often find your favorite restaurants by strolling around and letting your eyes decide. However, it’s also nice to know what restaurants are worth visiting. Gdańsk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige is a year-long project that allows you to find restaurants that serve Polish and Pomeranian cuisine. All their restaurants are really good so you can choose which one you’ll like. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Gdansk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige

Worldwide there are the Michelin- stars restaurants. Once a restaurant gets a star – they are the top of restaurants. In Scandinavia, we have a “White Guide” that is recommending different restaurants and I’m sure that there are more countries that have their own sort of  “Michelin stars” where they recommend good restaurants. In the Pomeranian region in Poland, they have the Pomorskie Culinary prestige. They have chosen 28 restaurants around the region that allow the visitors to discover the true taste of the region.
Polish Restaurant food

All the restaurants that are in the program are preparing their meals according to slow food philosophy. And the focus is on serving great regional food. I love the project and we have tried several of the restaurants. They are all amazing and the food is almost like art!

Treat yourself to Pomeranian cuisine

If you are close to the sea and ocean, fish is on the menu. Close to the forest? Mushrooms will be added. And if you are close to fields you can be sure to get the best bread ever! And since Pomeranian have all of this they can serve great stakes as well as great fish. In Gdansk, you can be sure to be served the best fish ever. And when you travel a little more inland – be sure to get great meat from the farms in the area. And even if most restaurants in Gdansk serve fish and the region is known for it, this is the information we got about fish in Poland.
Polish Restaurant food
We heard that the restaurants serve fish and they do it great. However, the Polish people have not been so keen on fish before and it’s a pretty new thing for them to eat fish. If this is true? I’m not sure but I’ve heard it several times and it seems right.

The myth of Polish cuisine

I have no idea how many times I’ve heard that people love going to Poland but they don’t like the food. They say that the food has a lot of fat and is served fried and unhealthy. That is so far from the truth it’s ridiculous. I always liked the Polish cuisine, however, in all honesty, I didn’t know that it could be as great as it is. It’s simply about knowing what restaurants to visit. And thanks to the Pomorskie Culinary Prestige you don’t have to get disappointed.

Polish Restaurant food
Sure there are loads of great restaurants in the Pomeranian area but here are the 28 that are part of the project. The once that have links are the once we have been to and have written more about in other posts!

Gdansk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige Restaurants:

Here is a list of the restaurants and the address so that you can find them. We are 100% sure that you won’t be disappointed if choosing any of them that are listed down below:

  1. Brovarnia Hotelu Gdansk – Szafarnia 9, Gdansk.
  2. Filharmonia – Olowianka 1, Gdansk.
  3. Gdanski Bowke – Dlugie Pobrzeze 11, Gdansk.
  4. Zafiszowani, Hotel Hanza – Tokarska 6, Gdansk.
  5. Kubicki – Wartka 5, Gdansk.
  6. Szafarnia 10 – Szafarnia 10, Gdansk.
  7. Piwna 47 Food & Wine – Piwna 47, Gdansk.
  8. Velevetka – Dluga 45, Gdansk.
  9. Metamorfoza – Szeroka 22/23 – 24/26, Gdansk.
  10. Bulaj – F. Mamuszki 22, Sopot.
  11. Delmonico Cut Steakhouse – Moniuszki 10, Sopot.
  12. Wave, Sheraton Sopot Hotel – Powstancow Warszawy 10, Sopot.
  13. Sztuczka – Abrahama 40, Gdynia.
  14. Tlusta Kaczka – Spoldzielcza 2, Gdynia.
  15. Bialy Krolik – Folwarczna 2, Gdynia.
  16. Krew i Woda – Abrahama 41, Gdynia.
  17. 1906 Gourmet Restaurant, Palac Ciekicinko – Ciekocinko 9, Ciekocinko.
  18. Biala, Hotel Bryza – Miedzymorze 2, Jurata.
  19. Czarny Kos – Letniskowa 10, Borkowo kolo Zukowa.
  20. Inspiracja, Palac Koscieszy – Lapinska 1, Przyjazn.
  21. Kozi Grod – Lesnikow 3, Pomlewo.
  22. Nordowi Mol – Celbowo 27A, Puck.
  23. Piano, Hotel Chopin – Chopina 28, Pruszcz Gdanski.
  24. Stary Browar Koscierzyna, Slodowa 3, Koscierzyna.
  25. Zielona Brama – Gdanska 26, Przywidz.
  26. Palac Poraj – Poraj 5, Wicko.
  27. Restauracja Zamkowa – Zamkowa 1, Krokowa.
  28. Restauracja Hotelu Aubrecht Country Spa Resort – Koprzywnica 4, Przechlewo.Polish Restaurant food

Read more about Pomorskie Prestige on their website.

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