Näsumaviksleden – A five star hiking trail

Last updated Apr 14, 2021
Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail

You are just outside Bromölla, so you are in Sweden. But it feels like you are traveling the world when walking the trail Näsumaviksleden. You will hike through the Swedish landscapes with open fields and horses. You will also walk into a tropical forest, the Amazon, and the Everglades. All in 3,5 kilometers.

Näsumaviksleden in Näsum just outside Bromölla

The hiking trail is not that difficult to walk however, you can’t access it by wheelchair (except for some parts of the trail). There are parts that take you through some open landscapes and paddocks with horses. There are parts where you can even come so close to the horses that you can pet them and then there are the parts where you feel like you are no longer in Sweden.

Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail
Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail

This is the place where dinosaurs roamed the earth 80 million years ago. And you need to have that in mind while walking here. Some of the trees were making squeaking sounds and in my imagination that sound turned into the sound of dinosaurs. And you can easily let your mind wander because the trail is well marked and easy to follow!

Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail

From Sweden to the Amazon and Everglades

The trail takes off into the forest. Due to the swamps inside the “Amazon” there the humidity is so high that you get the real tropical feeling. Well at least during the summer when it’s warm and the sun is out. We got the feeling that we entered the Amazon. And in all honesty, I would not have been surprised if I would’ve found a black mamba….. Ok so we did see a snake and it was a deadly one … to some animals. It was a Swedish Vipera berus (not dangerous to humans but venomous). It did scare the crap out of Mini and he claimed to have been attacked. Not true but it sure would make a better story.

A snake at näsumaviksleden.

After a while – walking on a wooden walkway we reached something that looked like it was taken right out of Everglades in Florida. The water got deeper and muddier and I could almost see the eyes of the alligators while walking.

Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail

Eating berries along the way

So I’m not that familiar with the different kind of berries that you can eat. But I do know my wild raspberries and wild strawberries. Mini picked some for me. There were not enough to make a nice “berries on a straw” that makes for the perfect summer picture but they were so tasty and yummy for the tummy!

Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail

I also think that we saw blueberries and lingonberries but we were not sure so no tasting there. To sum up näsumaviksleden walking trail … It is great and I can’t believe that it’s not more popular. During our walk, we didn’t meet anyone else and our car was the only one at the parking. According to TripAdvisor, this trail comes at number 7 of things to do in Bromölla. We have not done all the other activities and sightseeing on the list yet but I do believe that this one should be higher up on the ranking.

A Super Tip: An app called All trails

We used it to locate Näsumaviksleden trail. Awesome! Looks like there are a lot of trails from around the world. I think it’s a great tip for all hikers, trekkers, campers, and mountain bikers to check out new trails.

How to get to Näsumaviksleden

Address: Kaolinvägen, 295 94 Bromölla, Sweden. There are some parking spots however, there are just a few of them.

Näsumaviksleden a five star hiking trail

More places to explore

If you go in the right season, not far from näsumaviksleden there is a place for migrating birds that is a popular destination. Or if nature is your thing then Kjugekull nature reserve could be for you.
Try out your luck when fossil searching.


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