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Last updated May 24, 2021

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot
Have you ever hear the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Never has that been so true as when it comes to the Restaurant Bulaj in Sopot. If you didn’t know that this is the restaurant to check out. You would probably just pass this place without even noticing that there is a place that offers food here. 

Restaurant Bulaj in Sopot

Once you step inside the restaurant you can smell the delicious food that is being prepared. You can sit either inside or on their terrace. If it is a bit cold they will give you a gas heater next to your table to keep you warm. Our dinner here was nothing less than a “Michelin experience” (even if the restaurant doesn’t have a star). I believe that there is a star within reach for this place.

And we had the best company ever which made the visit even better. Our dinner was a six-course meal and it was just the right amount of food because the portions were small. It was like eating art and not food!
Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

The six-course meal at restaurant Bulaj

Am I the only one that feels like a child on Christmas eve when the food arrives? At Bulaj it was even more special because the food was plated incredibly. Be prepared to drool while watching the pictures of our food!

Cod-liver as a starter

As a starter we got cod-liver. It didn’t sound so good but it was amazing! In polish, it is called “ptysie”. You might wonder why the liver is black? Well, that is because they use the ink of the squid to color the food. Does that not sound like science right there?

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

Cod- liver with squid ink to make it black.

Salmon with cottage cheese

The next dish was a salmon salad with cottage cheese from the Kashubia district. It was the perfect combination of flavors. It was fresh and salty and sweet and just perfect. And it came on a tile and not a plate. Don’t you just love when they play with the way they serve the food?!

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

Salmon salad with Kashubian cottage cheese.

Catfish marinated in Vodka

Catfish according to me is something that gets done to you = you get catfished (like the tv show). But catfish is also a fish that you eat and it is really good. The fish was also marinated in vodka a’la Kashubian style.

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

Catfish marinated in Vodka – because we are in Poland :).

Homemade Zur soup, A polish specialty

We call it “Zurek” and it is a traditional polish sourdough based soup with egg, smoked sausage and dried mushrooms. Usually, I am not to fond of this soup because it is way to “watery” for me. That was not the case at Bulaj. The soup was creamy and had the perfect taste. This is a must to try while in Poland.

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

Traditional Polish Zurek – a soup with a sourdough base.

Lamb with gnocchi and beetroot

As the main course, we were served the best Lamb ever! A Swedish saying is that “lamb tastes like a cardigan” and every time I try to fix it at home that is what I get. The result is that I never make lamb at home anymore.

The lamb at restaurant Bulaj vas superb!! And like all their plating, this was as much a piece of art as it was a great meal!

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

Amazing lamb with gnocchi and beetroot and a mushroom sauce.

Goat cheese with white chocolate for dessert

Being a cheese person I just love when there is cheese in the desert. And boy was this mix great?! White chocolate and goat cheese mix very well and it was like tasting a piece of heaven. And we also got an amazing liquor with that. A “Chopin” that had the taste of salty caramel. The liquor is not that easy to find in the stores. But we got lucky and bought it at the airport when we flew back to Sweden.

If you are a Baileys kind of drinker you will love this!

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

A piece of heaven with goat cheese and white chocolate.

Meeting the chef and learning to say boobs in several languages

We had such an amazing meal that we all wanted to thank the chef after the dinner. Łukasz Wędzik sure knows how to put together some amazing meals. And we had such a great time here. Since the press trip was for the Nordic journalists, we were a great mix of nationalities.

Somehow the subject of boobs came up and I learned that they are called “pupper” in Norwegian and “Tissi” in Finnish. Yes, that was a subject and we all laughed so hard!

Restaurant Bulaj, Sopot

The chef Łukasz Wędzik

Information about restaurant Bulaj

Address: Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 22, 81-701 Sopot, Poland.
Opening hours: Daily 11.00 – 22.00.
Website: www.bulaj.plVisit Poland press trip

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