Restaurant Filharmonia – Luxurious food!

Last updated May 24, 2021

Restaurant Filharmonia
Eating food in a Philharmonic restaurant – how awesome does that sound? And yes the building also houses the Gdansk Symphony orchestra. The place is just incredible and the food is more like a piece of art. Join us on our experience to the Restaurant Filharmonia in Gdansk, Poland.

Restaurant Filharmonia

Starting out with bread and butter. The bread was “homemade” and so good that you could it a bunch of it. As a starter, we got duck paté with cranberry. And there was some sort of ice cream that went perfectly with the paté. That seems super modern and a fun way to play with food. The Philharmonia restaurant seems to be famous for the modern touch on international food that they provide.

Restaurant Filharmonia

Like always there was soup on the menu and at first, I thought that it was traditional “barsz czerwony” that is borscht. And in some way it was – but at the same time, it wasn’t. It was a cream of roasted young beetroot and a lot more creamy than borscht is usually. And I loved the way it was plated. If we ever have a “mystery dinner show” I will be sure to serve that dish. Ok so maybe it will be hard to have a dinner show in a motorhome but a girl can dream.

Restaurant Filharmonia

The food at Filharmonia is amazing even for the eyes

For the main course, the restaurant kept impressing us. We got Pork tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms in alfredo sauce, served on red cabbage with dumplings. And the pork was rolled in something green that might have been pistachios. And for dessert, we got warm apple pie with ice cream. Yes, it was just as amazing as it sounds.

Restaurant Filharmonia
Restaurant Filharmonia

It’s really impressive how much good restaurants Gdansk has to offer and how price-worthy it is. Every restaurant we visited was incredible and we felt like it kept getting better all the time. The location of this restaurant is perfect. The building, dating back to the nineteenth century, is located on the Motława River. It’s on the Ołowianka Island overlooking the Long Bridge. And if you are super special you can book a VIP room that you can sit and eat in.
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Restaurant Filharmonia

Information about Restaurant Filharmonia

Address: ul. Ołowianka 1, 80-751 Gdańsk, Poland.
Opening hours: From 12.00 to 22.00 daily.


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