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Last updated May 24, 2021

Comwell Hotel Entrance wall

When visiting a city – the location of the hotel is quite important according to us. If we are visiting a city we want to tourist around. The hotel should be within walking distance of some of the attractions. Comwell hotel in Aarhus got it all! 

Comwell Hotel in Aarhus

This is a really nice hotel and its location is perfect. You are within walking distance to many of Aarhus major attractions. That is worth a lot – to not have to take a bus or taxi to be able to get to town. The rooms are nice and big and the beds are really comfortable to sleep in. They are cooperating with the brand HAY. HAY is a Danish brand that produces furniture and most of the stuff you have in your home.
Hotel Room with a view in Aarhus, Denmark

Breakfast at Comwell

Overall in Denmark, the quality of breakfast is good, and I might even to dare to say great! This was not an exception. If I could complain on one thing is that my stomach could not fit everything that I wanted to try at the buffet. So much food and really nice food. In one corner they had fresh juices and “pick me up” shots with ginger. The ginger and lemon shots were first time we encountered while staying at a hotel.
Differen juice containers

We stayed at Comwell while on a press trip with Visit Denmark. Our expectations (like always) where not close to what the hotel deserved …. happy surprise. We definitely recommend this hotel to everyone visiting Aarhus. One day we will come back that´s a promise and then we will make sure to check out the SPA too!
hotel breakfast serving

Information about hotel Comwell

Address so you know where to find it: Værkmestergade 2, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

For more things to do in Aarhus: Check out this City guide
Reception at Comwell hotel in Aarhus, Denmark


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