Wroclaw Christmas Market

Last updated May 24, 2021

Wroclaw Christmas Market is a super cozy market even if it is really big. It is held each year on the main square in Wroclaw – that happens to be Poland’s second largest square (Krakow has a bigger square). 

Christmas Market in Wroclaw

If you ask us, the best part of Christmas must be the markets. While traveling during Christmas we always look out for the market. Most often we travel to warm countries so there are no Christmas markets but last year was different. Wroclaw, Poland invited us and of course, we checked out their Christmas market while there.

It is made out of small huts of wood and they are so cute. And best of all – there is a lot of them. We strolled around and just had a great time. You can buy most things but what we recommend is grilled Oscypek (a cheese from southern Poland) and a glass of warm vine?! You have to try some new stuff right? And the people that are selling their stuff in the stalls are not just Polish people. There are people coming from Germany, France, Latvia, and Lithuania so a lot to choose from.

The tradition of Wroclaw Christmas Market dates back to the sixteenth century – what a great tradition!

Bringblingtotraveling in Wroclaw, Poland

We found the sled in Wroclaw, Poland

Christmas bells in Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw Christmas market 2016

Christmas lights in Wroclaw, Poland

A wet Christmas in Wroclaw 2016


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