One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora

One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora
One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora. What are you looking for when finding a place to stay? For us, it’s all about location, location and location. During our press trip to explore Poland wine tourism, Monika (at the Polish Tourism Organisation in Sweden) set us up at this great place!

One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora – Where you can walk to everything

Zielona Gora is currently bursting with happy people and really great wine. The wine festival is going on and it attracts people from all over. After a long day of traveling from Sweden to Zielona Gora, through Warszawa, we have arrived and we are more than happy with our new home (for the next couple of days). Since the wine festival is going on, most of the hotels and places are fully booked so Monika got us an apartment.

Yes, this is a real apartment with everything that you need for a stay in the city. Since we arrived late, the key to our place was in a locked box, waiting for us. Just outside of the apartment, there was a concert going on so it was the perfect start to our trip! I always start by checking out the hotel and this time was no exception!
Zielena Gora Wall art, Murual

Modern and fun rooms that are super clean

It’s in the details, it always is! And it looks like the owners of this place are well aware of that. Nice prints on the walls and posters with thought worthy messages greeted us as soon as we opened the door. Well, it started even before because there is a “lobby” with loads of magazines (in Polish) and movies that you can borrow! I love that – most of all the trust that is given to the visitors here. If you want, you can grab a magazine or you can leave one.

Our room (9B) is decorated in black, white and turquoise in a nice mix. The bathroom has a washing machine and there is even makeup remover in there and cotton pads. Yes, makeup remover at my disposal. This is the first time ever that we have gotten that while visiting a hotel.
One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora Rooms
One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora Rooms
One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora Rooms

Breakfast as we love it

At One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora, the breakfast is in the fridge waiting for you. I love to eat in the room. Ok, rephrase that… I love to eat at buffets too but it’s nice to have your own room service. In the fridge, we have eggs, sandwiches, sausage, jam and everything you need to start your day. There is also really quick wifi included (that’s what I’m using right now). And did I mention that there’s even a dishwasher?!

Our schedule during our stay here is pretty packed with wine-related stuff. Unfortunately, we won’t be spending a lot of time in the room but I feel at home here already. We could really stay here for a while, and that’s said without us even getting a chance to check out the city itself. This is really the perfect place to stay when coming to Zielona Gora to explore the wine festival = walking distance or even crawling distance back!
One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora Rooms

Easy and close to everything

It’s important to stress the closeness to everything when staying at this place. We needed to get something to eat and didn’t have time to make something in the apartment. Lucky us, just outside of the place there is a small place that sells pasta and burgers. We ended up ordering food there and 15 minutes later, Mini ran down to get our meal. Best of all, the food was really cheap! The place is called Lele.

And don’t be discouraged when seeing the One Night Apartamenty from the outside. It doesn’t look good from the outside so the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” really works perfectly when talking about this place!
One Night Apartamenty Zielona Gora Rooms

Information about One Night Apartmenty Zielona Gora

Address: Plac Powstańców Wielkopolskich 3/9, 65-001 Zielona Gora.
Price: From 200 zloty per night (2 persons) including breakfast.
Number of rooms: Three.
Parking: Yes.

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