Putting Ahus (Åhus) on the map

Jan 16, 2017

Ahus (Swedish spelling Åhus). A truly nice place in the southern of Sweden. It is always hidden by Kristianstad – a larger city that is 20 kilometers away.

Putting Ahus on the map

A lot of people have heard about Kristianstad and some have heard of Ahus. Mainly because of beach handball that happens once a year. But Ahus is so much more. And it is a true honor that Mini I and I get to put this small town on the map. We are currently working on an article about Ahus and its surrounding. We think that it will be published in “Allt om Resor” in the spring.

This is an extra special article for me to write because I was born here. I have lived my whole life here so I am very happy that I get to write about my hometown and what you can do here. For now I can not share all the wonders of this small town. I need to save it for the magazine. But there is one thing that Ahus is very famous for.
Ocean view

Absolut Vodka

Even if people have not heard of Ahus – they have all heard of Absolut vodka. This is the town where the liquid “poison” is made. If you read all the labeling on the bottle you will find the name of our magical town. It is kind of epic – this work I am doing now. I have been here my whole life and now that we are moving into our mobile home and leaving Ahus for the first time – moving out. What greater way than to honor our hometown by writing an article about it that will be spread all around this country.
Ahus pier

Be sure that I will let you know when the article is out. And in the latest issue of “Allt om Resor” you can read our article about Aarhus :).
Ahus Beach


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