Find your dream beach in Gran Canaria

Last updated May 29, 2021

Find your dream beach in Gran Canaria
Dream beach in Gran Canaria. Well, in fact, there are several dream beaches in Gran Canaria – you just have to find your magical place. We have spent a lot of time in Gran Canaria and we have found several really nice beaches that you might like. Here is a list of our dream beaches. We hope that you find this list helpful!

There are more than 120 beaches in Gran Canaria

Ok, so there are other Canary Islands that have even more beaches. Still, Gran Canaria is really impressive with more than 120 of them. That’s a lot considering that the island is just 1 560 square kilometers. The coastline stretches for about 175 kilometers. A lot of the hotels and resorts have really nice pools but most of the visitors want to go to the beach instead!

At first, this was supposed to be like a “top 10 list of best beaches”. However, who are we to say what beach is the best? Sure we did find some spots that we liked more than others but this is a list of the beaches that we visited during our stay in Gran Canaria. And yes – there are a lot of nice beaches there. We have attached a map so that you can see where all the beaches are scattered!

Playa de Amadores

This beach is perfect for the people that want to “have it all”. The beach is inside a bay and is protected so no high waves here. Add to that a huge shopping path in direct connection to the beach and you have it all. Restaurants and shops are all lined up in rows and you can buy everything you need to have a perfect day at the beach. They are also selling a lot of nice floating mattresses shaped like unicorns and pizzas.

The beach is about 800 meters long and it gets crowded pretty quick so make sure to secure your spot here pretty early. If the weather is nice and clear, you can see Spain’s highest volcano, Teide, from here. Palm trees and clear blue water makes this beach a great choice for sun-seeking people. There are signs that music and balls are not allowed on Playa de Amadores.

+ You are really close to restaurants and stores. If you get bored, you can easily take a walk among the stores and maybe get something to drink to cool you off.

– It gets really crowded during the day. Avoid if you want a quiet place on your own.
Playa de Amadores

Playa de Maspalomas

Gran Canaries southernmost beach with sand dunes that stretches as far the eyes can see. It almost feels like entering the Sahara desert while being here. Well, and the fact that it’s right by the beach might be different from “the real Sahara desert”. Walk or run on the dunes and find your perfect spot here. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of nudists because there are parts of the beach where clothing is optional.

If you walk to the pier, the beach gets rockier but in the middle of the dunes, it is really nice and soft sand. This is a perfect place for the day at the beach or just a walk. Find shelter from the winds in the dunes and just enjoy! There is also a place here that offer camel rides – something that we decided to skip.

+ Even on a crowded day, you will still be able to find your spot where you can be alone on the beach and the dunes.

– A lot of nudity is going on here and for some people, it might be offending.
dream beach in Gran Canaria
Playa de Maspalomas
Playa de Maspalomas

Playa de San Augustin

Together with Playa del Ingles, this is a paradise for Swedish tourists. There are even signs in Swedish that lead you to the beach. This is the beach that comes before (or after) Playa del Inglés and it is a lot calmer place. The beach is perfect for families that are traveling with small children because the water is shallow.

The sand on the beach is a bit darker and it might be a good idea to bring a pair of flipflops when coming here. During the day, the sand can become really hot. 600 meters is the length of this beach and there are also nice walkways that take you to Playa del Inglés and it’s surroundings.

+ The water is shallow so it’s perfect for families with small children.

– It can become pretty crowded during the day.
Playa de San Agustin
Playa de San Agustin

Playa de Mogán

This is one of our personal favorites. Even if the beach becomes crowded during the day, you can always find a spot where you can relax. The beach is located in a bay and it makes the water calmer. There are a lot of restaurants and shops that are close by. Close to the beach, you can also buy the best pistachio ice-cream ever. They sell them all over but make sure to get it from “Gelatomania” and be prepared to be blown away.

If you want you can also go diving from the beach. There is a dive center that offers dives for beginners straight from the beach. There is not to much to see but it’s still a nice and calm dive without currents. While visiting Playa de Mogán, take your time and stroll around in one of the islands most beautiful and warmest beaches. Will this be your dream beach in Gran Canaria?

+ It is beautiful and the water is calm. This is also the warmest place on the island.

– It can become a bit overcrowded and if you want to eat something you will be overcharged.
Playa de Mogan

Playa Las Canteras

This is the dream beach in Gran Canaria for many locals. Playa Las Canteras is located in Gran Canarias capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This is the place where you will share the beach with the locals. Watch the young children play ball and the elders playing board games. This is almost like a small piece of Havanna. The beach is about three kilometers long and you are really close to the city with all its shopping and restaurants.

There are also shops and restaurants along the beach walk. If you want “American coffee” there is also a Starbucks here. But since the Spanish coffee is really good, there’s no need to go there – It doesn’t matter what place you choose they will all serve you fantastic coffee. A great beach for both locals and tourists.

+ This is a huge beach and it is really nice here.

– It can become super windy here and keep in mind that it is often colder in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria than the cities that are located in the south.
Playa de Las Canteras

Playa Las Marañuelas

This beach is located in the town of Arguineguin and it is beautiful. The sand is dark and it looks awesome because here, the parasols will all look different. A lot of the “touristy” beaches rent out beach chairs and parasols. Here, you need to bring your own and that is also the reason why it looks so colorful when you look at the beach.

There is also a nice walk above the beach where you can find some great restaurants and cafés. We had our dinner at the Restaurante Ciao and it was really good and had an amazing view.

+ No one will bother you here. Enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

– It’s quite expensive in the restaurants that surround the beach.
Playa las Maranuelas

Playa de Anfi

One of the most luxurious beaches on the island. Playa de Anfi is not a big beach but it is really lovely. The sand has been brought here from the Caribbean. I’m not sure why, because I didn’t find this sand more spectacular than any of the other beaches but it sure makes it seem more exotic. When the sun is shining, the water gets a nice turquoise color – another thing that makes you think of the Caribbean.

This is a family-friendly beach but make sure to be here early. It gets crowded real quick. A tip is to be here super early in the morning before all the tourists come. Then you can enjoy the beach by yourself and just relax and look at the ocean.

+ A super luxurious beach that is truly beautiful.

– It’s hard to find a spot if you come here in the afternoon.
Playa de Anfi
Playa de Anfi

Playa de Las Alcaravaneras

Back in the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Playa de Las Alcaravaneras feels like an extension of the Playa Las Canteras. However, even if it is similar, this is a beach of its own and it is huge. If you are coming here by car, there is nice parking in the harbor where you can leave your car.

At Playa de Las Alcaravaneras you are almost guaranteed to be able to find a spot where you can have privacy. And you are close to the city center if you want to combine your day at the beach with a shopping spree. Will this become your dream beach in Gran Canaria?

+ Huge and wide beach with nice sand.

– Sometimes it can become windy.
Playa de Las Alcaravaneras

Playa de Puerto Rico

It is said that Puerto Rico is the best place to be if you want to be on the beach. Why? Because it’s always sunny here. And the beach is no exception. This is a really nice beach and it’s also a great place to look for crabs. Just head out to the rocks and you will probably see loads of crabs that are sunbathing on the rocks.

A tip is to also walk out to the pier and see the beach from there. Then you can see how popular this town is, with all the resorts and hotels that are built in the mountains. You can rent a beach chair out on the pier if you don’t want sand between your toes. And there is a nice ladder that takes you straight to the water from here. Restaurants and shops are close to the beach and there is also a nice beach bar where you can order a fancy drink.

+ You can choose if you want to lay on the beach or if you want to stay on the pier where it’s a bit windier.

– The beach chairs are packed super close to each other so no room for privacy here.
Playa de Puerto Rico
Playa de Puerto Rico

La Salinas de Agaete

A really nice “beach” that has cliffs instead of sand. In the northern parts of the island, there are no nice beaches with white sand. The sand is always made out of small rocks up here. Instead of going straight to the cliffs and fight the currents, a great option is to go to Las Salinas. These are natural pools where the ocean have eroded the rocks and made them into swimming pools.

It’s not a great place for families with small children because the ocean can become pretty treacherous here at times. If you want to lay down and sunbathe, Las Salinas offers some concrete blocks where you can put your towel or beach chair. They also have some ladders that make it easier to get into and out of the water.

+ This is nature at it’s best. A great place for people who are looking for the rugged.

– Be careful because you can cut yourself on the rocks. The concrete is not that comfortable to lay on.

Also read our article about our stay in Agaete.

Playa del Ingles

Close to Playa de Maspalomas, this beach is the dream beach in Gran Canaria for everyone that wants to party. There is a reason that this is the charter-tourism destination number one. Banana boats, jet skies and everything in between. At Playa del Inglés you will find it all. Sure, you are also in the risk of inhaling your neighbor’s sunscreen (if it’s a spray version) but a lot of people feels that that’s necessary during a holiday.

This is the party beach number one on the island. But you can still find a more quiet place if you want. However, you want to come to this beach if party, “loud and crowd” is your thing.

+ Even if you come here alone, you will make new friends within minutes.

– Lots of loud people and alcohol all day at the beach.
Playa del Ingles

Piscina Natural de Arinaga

One of the most romantic beaches on the island. This is a really great place that shows you that “everything is possible”. This beach is located on the eastern parts of the island. Ok, so there are a lot of rocks here but there is also a solution for that. Docks have been built where you can lay down and relax. And they are big so a whole family can easily be out there.

The docks are also what makes this beach so romantic. I can imagine how it would be to sit here and watch the sunset. Another thing that makes it great is that you are most likely to be the only tourists here. This is a really secluded place.

+ Oh, it’s so romantic here.

– The sandy part of the beach is really small.
Piscina Natural de Arinaga
Piscina Natural de Arinaga

Playa de las Burras

This is a calm and relaxing beach and this is also a dream beach in Gran Canaria for a lot of the locals. Here, you won’t find restaurants and bars – then you need to pick another place. But here, you will find tranquility and relaxation at it’s best.

There is also a really nice beach walk close by if you want to take a walk. The beach is only a couple of hundred meters long but at the same time, it’s enough because it does not become overcrowded here.

+ Calm and peaceful beach.

– You need to bring your own food here because there are no restaurants connected to the beach.
Playa de Las Burras

Roque Prieto Pools

This place is a lot like the Salinas in Agaete. This is also a place that was built to make swimming more safe for the people. There are several small pools that are closed off with wooden pillars. The pillars are there to protect the swimmers from the waves. Since there is no sand here, there is concrete that you can lay your towel or chair on while being here.

If you are lucky, you can have this whole place to yourself. Well, that’s if you come during the week. In the weekends, there are a lot of locals that come here to take a dip and have a relaxing day at this “manmade beach”.

+ It feels safer to swim here since the waves are slowed down by the wooden pillars.

– The concrete does not give this place such a “beach feeling”.
Roque prieto Pools

Which one will become your dream beach in Gran Canaria?

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