Fangfrisch – Bringing back the shrimp cocktail

Fangfrisch - Bringing back the shrimp cocktailFangfrisch is a nice restaurant in Lubeck that serves some really great dishes. We got to visit this cozy place and had a really nice lunch. From the outside, it doesn’t look as great as it is. The sheepskin on the seats is a great detail that we both liked a lot. Read all about our experience of visiting this great place in Lubeck.

Fangfrisch – Shrimp cocktail and homemade lemonade

During our last day in Lubeck, we had lunch at this lovely place. I started with the homemade lemonade and a shrimp cocktail. Boy, was it long time since I had a shrimp cocktail to eat. I would say that during the 80s and at the beginning of the 90s everyone was serving that as a starter. Sure, they all tasted different but at the same time, it was “same same”. A shrimp cocktail is a shrimp cocktail – or at least that’s what I thought.

I believe that my sister was pretty late with changing her appetizer – she was always serving a shrimp cocktail in a glass as a starter. So, when I saw that Fangfrisch was serving the Shrimp cocktail, I just needed to try their version of it. And it was really good. Loved that they served it in a glass jar! If there is something we could have changed – it would have been the waiting time for the food. We were heading to the Festival in Travemunde and we waited a long time before we got our food.
Fangfrisch - Bringing back the shrimp cocktail

Cauliflower on toast

Mini ordered the
and he was happy with his choice. I went for a roasted cauliflower sandwich with avocado and a spicy curry cream. I could have eaten that sandwich for days in a row! Oh, how much I liked it. And the best part is that I was inspired to make such a sandwich at home too.

A tip is to fry cauliflower with some chili. Fry it in a mix of butter and olive oil. I sometimes add some chili flakes and cayenne pepper. But we had never had cauliflower on a piece of bread and since then, we have had that several times. And another tip is to add garlic – oh how great cauliflower fried in garlic is! Both Mini and I were really happy with this place and we recommend it to everyone that’s visiting Lubeck. We also recommend you to order the sandwich with cauliflower.
Cauliflower on toast
fish and chips
Fangfrisch - Bringing back the shrimp cocktail

Information about Fangfrisch

Address: An der Untertrave 51, Lubeck.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00 (closes at 22.00 on Friday and Saturday). Mondays are closed.

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  1. I haven't had a shrimp cocktail in a very long time, but this is definitely making me want to try one again!

    Happy holidays! :)

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

    1. Hahaha that was my thought too! Happy Holidays to you to dear!


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