Please help us with tips on what to do in Poland this summer

Jan 5, 2017

Poland is a wonderful country. There is so much to see and do here that a lifetime is not enough. We are kind of planning to spend our summer in Poland and explore the country more. Please let us know about your hidden gems in this beautiful country!

Tips on Poland

We are currently working on an article about Wroclaw, Poland for Allt om Resor, a Swedish travel magazine. But this country is so much more than just one city. We have been in Zakopane and are planning to hit the mountains in the summer. We want to explore the Carpathian Mountains and just explore the sights.
There are several things around this country that we have loved! Some of them are
Chapel of sculls, Bledne skaly, Chocholowskie Termy, Zakopane, Jaskinia Niedzwiedzia, Wieliczka Saltmine, and many many more.

Passage statue Wroclaw

Bledne Skaly, Errant Rocks, Kudowa-Zdrój

Around Poland in a mobile home

It is not yet set in stone but we do know that we want to spend a lot of time here. We are currently discussing if we shall stay in Sweden during this coming summer and explore northern Sweden more or if we shall come here and explore. Either way we are looking for hidden gems in Poland. Please send us an email with your best tips of what not to miss. You can also leave a comment below if you want. Hopefully we can plan a great trip and you can all join us!

Afrykarium Wroclaw

Polish kitchen pirogis

Christ The King Statue, Świebodzin

Christ The King Statue, Świebodzin


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