I will learn Catalan cooking :)

Catalan Cooking at its best 🙂

Learning to cook the Catalan Way :)

I know that the invite is in Swedish (because the event will take place in Stockholm) but I will let you guys know what is says :). It is an invitation to meet some great Catalan cooks and make an interactive dinner with good ingredients and fine wine. It is a chance to learn more about the Catalan kitchen and to become a better cook. Do I need to say that I am there?
The invite came from the Catalan Tourist Board and we are honored to be invited. The event will take place in Stockholm on April 11th and I can’t wait.
Who does not love food? I am sure that this will be a great experience and that it will be super fun. When we were in Thailand I did take a cooking class and learned how to make some thai cuisine and in April I will learn more about the Catalan way.

So if I am honest, I am not a great cook even if experimenting with spices is a passion of mine. I always buy spices instead of other souvenirs while traveling.

I will let you know how it was, thats for sure!

Look at this video and say if it does not make your mouth water.

Link to the Catalan Tourist Board

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  1. Hoppas att allt är bra med er! :)


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