Making our home into a store – selling it all

Aug 24, 2016

Making our home into a store - selling it allThe problem when you are going to travel for a living? You need to sell all your stuff and find good tenants. But you need to do it in the right order. May sound easy but is harder than we thought.

Sell your things to become free!

Like a broker told us when we were selling our previous house. “You need to show the house furnished because an empty house will not attract anyone“. Ok so first we need to clean the house and show it to people who might want to rent it. But to clean we need to declutter. So what can we sell and what needs to stay to make the house look pretty?

I know – this is not a worldly problem but still it ads on some stress right now. We are selling stuff like crazy. Everything is very cheap so there are a lot of people that want to buy :). And you know what they say… One mans crap is another mans treasure.

And to be honest. It is amazing how much things we have gathered during the years. Things that we do not need and do not use. Now someone else will be able to enjoy them. And at the same time we are getting some pennies for the things. Pennies that will help to fund our travels. And all of you that wonder when we will start our journey? Well it is happening right now. That is why I give you updates about what we are doing right now. It is so that you can follow us – from the beginning until the day we move into the camper and continue our lives on the road!

Making our home into a store - selling it all

Making our home into a store - selling it all


  1. Jennifer

    ja det är jobbigt det där med att rensa 🙂 men som du säger så finns det ju alltid andra som uppskattar det!

  2. Fantasy Dining

    Tänk vad mycket grejer man har egentligen…


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